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Friday 17 September 2021, UKT
China, 1. Division
07:30 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.02020.20---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.060.2512.41---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.010.2519.98---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.010.520.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.100.58.69---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-0.7520.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.100.757.74---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.1216.80---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-120.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.221.253.95---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-1.2520.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.321.52.98---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-1.520.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-1.7520.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.381.752.86---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-220.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.4622.63---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.652.252.33---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-2.2520.67---
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-2.520.671.030.526.00
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.722.
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-2.7520.671.402.53.35
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.772.751.911.452.752.33
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.9531.701.4832.25
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-320.671.673.251.96
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-3.2520.671.853.52.10
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology2.133.251.552.043.751.61
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-3.520.672.3541.44
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.783.51.423.004.51.44
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-3.7520.675.605.51.18
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.783.751.2111.006.51.08
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology1.784-
 Shaanxi Changan - Beijing Institute of Technology-420.6726.008.5-
11:35 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.1206.55---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.100.257.67---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.290.253.62---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.460.52.79---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.090.58.80---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.050.758.86---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.560.752.42---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-18.80---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC1.8312.08---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-1.258.80---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC2.191.251.77---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC2.531.51.50---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-1.58.80---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-1.758.80---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC2.931.751.36---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-28.80---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC4.0321.22---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC4.522.251.19---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-2.258.80---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC5.002.51.17---
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-2.58.801.090.52.68
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-2.758.801.471.52.68
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC6.862.751.111.531.752.42
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-38.801.7122.18
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC11.3531.
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC11.553.251.062.542.51.63
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-3.258.802.612.751.47
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC12.
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-3.58.8010.004.51.06
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC12.113.751.0210.005.51.01
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-3.758.8010.006.5-
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC12.114-10.007.5-
 Guizhou FC - Beijing Sport University FC-48.8010.008.5-
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng5.7001.16---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng6.060.251.14---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng3.650.251.32---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng2.850.51.47---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng6.740.51.12---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng2.460.751.57---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.250.751.08---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.251----
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng2.1811.76---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.251.25----
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.811.252.04---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.251.5----
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.631.52.27---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.461.752.66---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.251.75----
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.2923.50---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.252----
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.252.25----
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.252.253.91---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.212.54.22---
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.252.5-
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.252.75-
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.152.755.671.522.252.47
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.253-1.782.52.10
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.0938.651.912.751.91
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.253.25-2.1731.68
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.073.59.532.843.51.42
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.253.5-
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.253.75-
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng1.053.759.665.206.51.01
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng7.254-
 Heilongjiang Ice City - Chengdu Rongcheng-49.665.208.5-
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.1208.40---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.250.254.60---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.100.259.45---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.090.510.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.390.53.38---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.470.752.89---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.040.7510.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-110.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.6012.44---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-1.2510.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City1.901.251.96---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-1.510.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City2.211.51.75---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City2.511.751.51---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-1.7510.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City3.1321.33---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-210.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City3.562.251.27---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-2.2510.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-2.510.50---
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City3.942.
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City5.262.751.161.401.53.30
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-2.7510.501.481.752.57
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City8.0431.091.6222.28
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-310.501.902.251.96
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City8.503.
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-3.2510.502.392.751.55
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-3.510.504.303.51.27
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City8.873.51.089.604.51.09
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City9.183.751.0521.005.51.03
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-3.7510.5022.006.51.01
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City9.184-24.007.5-
 Zhejiang Greentown - Nanjing City-410.5025.008.5-
Saturday 18 September 2021, UKT
08:30 Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard - Nantong Zhiyun2.460.751.511.552.252.33
 Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard - Nantong Zhiyun2.1611.671.762.52.01
 Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard - Nantong Zhiyun1.851.251.941.982.751.81
 Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard - Nantong Zhiyun1.661.52.192.3131.58
 Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard - Nantong Zhiyun1.491.752.522.583.251.46
11:35 Sichuan Jiuniu - Kunshan FC2.9701.361.461.752.57
 Sichuan Jiuniu - Kunshan FC2.210.251.651.6322.23
 Sichuan Jiuniu - Kunshan FC1.870.51.931.922.251.87
 Sichuan Jiuniu - Kunshan FC1.650.752.
 Sichuan Jiuniu - Kunshan FC1.4212.742.522.751.48
 Wuhan Three Towns - Zibo Cuju1.502.252.481.562.752.32
 Wuhan Three Towns - Zibo Cuju1.672.52.171.7232.06
 Wuhan Three Towns - Zibo Cuju1.842.751.961.983.251.81
 Wuhan Three Towns - Zibo Cuju2.0831.722.203.51.64
 Wuhan Three Towns - Zibo Cuju2.323.251.572.503.751.48