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Sunday 28 May 2023, UKT
Poland, Women
14:00 Czarni Sosnowiec - AZS UJ Krakow1.3902.851.452.252.62
 Czarni Sosnowiec - AZS UJ Krakow1.610.252.281.642.52.22
 Czarni Sosnowiec - AZS UJ Krakow1.840.51.981.812.752.01
 Czarni Sosnowiec - AZS UJ Krakow2.040.751.752.0431.75
 Czarni Sosnowiec - AZS UJ Krakow2.4211.522.293.251.58
 Luks Sportowa Czworka Radom - Kkp Bydgoszcz2.560.251.471.522.752.43
 Luks Sportowa Czworka Radom - Kkp Bydgoszcz2.220.51.641.6732.17
 Luks Sportowa Czworka Radom - Kkp Bydgoszcz2.000.752.011.933.251.90
 Luks Sportowa Czworka Radom - Kkp Bydgoszcz1.7412.
 Luks Sportowa Czworka Radom - Kkp Bydgoszcz1.561.252.322.373.751.54
 Medyk Konin - GKS Katowice2.4711.501.492.52.50
 Medyk Konin - GKS Katowice2.071.251.741.622.752.26
 Medyk Konin - GKS Katowice1.841.51.981.8232.00
 Medyk Konin - GKS Katowice1.641.752.
 Medyk Konin - GKS Katowice1.4422.652.263.51.60
 Pogon Tczew - Aplg Gdansk2.4701.451.472.52.42
 Pogon Tczew - Aplg Gdansk2.060.251.671.582.752.21
 Pogon Tczew - Aplg Gdansk1.870.51.931.7932.04
 Pogon Tczew - Aplg Gdansk1.630.752.111.963.251.74
 Pogon Tczew - Aplg Gdansk1.4412.502.163.51.58
 Slask Wroclaw (W) - Pogon Szczecin1.9001.901.572.752.19
 Slask Wroclaw (W) - Pogon Szczecin2.120.251.631.7331.96
 Slask Wroclaw (W) - Pogon Szczecin1.630.
 Slask Wroclaw (W) - Pogon Szczecin1.480.52.372.163.51.60
 Slask Wroclaw (W) - Pogon Szczecin2.370.51.482.443.751.46
 UKS SMS Lodz - Gornik Leczna1.4402.661.562.752.33
 UKS SMS Lodz - Gornik Leczna1.790.252.191.7232.09
 UKS SMS Lodz - Gornik Leczna1.930.51.931.983.251.85
 UKS SMS Lodz - Gornik Leczna2.100.751.712.163.51.67
 UKS SMS Lodz - Gornik Leczna2.4711.502.443.751.51