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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
Bulgaria, Cup
15:30 Botev Plovdiv - Spartak Varna1.3213.041.2923.25
 Botev Plovdiv - Spartak Varna1.511.252.381.472.252.49
 Botev Plovdiv - Spartak Varna1.841.52.091.662.52.19
 Botev Plovdiv - Spartak Varna2.051.751.871.952.751.96
 Botev Plovdiv - Spartak Varna2.2521.592.1131.70
 Botev Plovdiv - Spartak Varna2.542.251.452.353.251.52
 Botev Plovdiv - Spartak Varna2.842.51.372.613.51.43
Wednesday 28 February 2024, UKT
12:30 Hebar Pazardzhik - Pirin Blagoevgrad1.4102.751.341.53.08
 Hebar Pazardzhik - Pirin Blagoevgrad1.310.253.241.431.752.71
 Hebar Pazardzhik - Pirin Blagoevgrad1.690.252.121.5722.35
 Hebar Pazardzhik - Pirin Blagoevgrad1.980.51.861.862.251.94
 Hebar Pazardzhik - Pirin Blagoevgrad2.280.751.612.112.51.70
 Hebar Pazardzhik - Pirin Blagoevgrad2.8711.382.422.751.52
 Hebar Pazardzhik - Pirin Blagoevgrad3.271.251.313.0231.35
15:30 CSKA Sofia - Arda Kardzhali1.290.253.341.421.52.69
 CSKA Sofia - Arda Kardzhali1.450.52.601.531.752.37
 CSKA Sofia - Arda Kardzhali1.590.752.291.7322.09
 CSKA Sofia - Arda Kardzhali1.8311.952.042.251.90
 CSKA Sofia - Arda Kardzhali2.151.251.912.302.51.58
 CSKA Sofia - Arda Kardzhali2.441.51.512.692.751.42
 CSKA Sofia - Arda Kardzhali2.961.751.363.4831.27
Thursday 29 February 2024, UKT
15:30 Ludogorets Razgrad - CSKA 1948 Sofia1.9211.941.702.52.05
 Ludogorets Razgrad - CSKA 1948 Sofia2.071.251.671.952.751.83