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Wednesday 6 December 2023, UKT
Colombia, Primera A
21:00 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali1.2603.93---
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali1.210.254.541.291.53.58
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali1.470.252.751.4622.77
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali1.680.52.231.692.252.19
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali1.880.752.051.932.51.92
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali2.2311.702.182.751.70
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali2.591.251.522.6331.50
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali2.931.51.423.273.51.34
 Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Cali3.631.751.296.404.51.12
23:00 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima1.4402.87---
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima1.720.252.15---
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima1.330.253.401.361.53.16
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima1.260.53.941.451.752.79
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima2.030.51.941.5922.39
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima2.360.751.691.882.251.96
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima3.0411.402.142.51.72
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima3.471.251.322.482.751.55
 Junior Barranquilla - Deportes Tolima3.911.51.263.813.51.27
Thursday 7 December 2023, UKT
01:15 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali1.5802.43---
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali1.900.251.951.311.53.48
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali1.430.252.911.4922.66
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali2.210.51.691.742.252.12
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali1.330.53.351.992.51.85
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali2.620.751.512.262.751.65
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali1.230.754.322.7531.46
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali3.4211.323.403.51.32
 Independiente Medellin - America de Cali3.871.251.276.724.51.11
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin1.3703.29---
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin1.640.252.37---
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin1.280.253.881.391.53.10
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin1.890.51.951.491.752.73
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin1.230.54.481.6522.32
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin2.200.751.721.932.251.91
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin2.7711.492.222.51.70
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin3.191.251.382.592.751.53
 Millonarios - Atletico Nacional Medellin3.621.51.314.043.51.26