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Thursday 23 January 2020, UKT
Algeria Algeria, Algeria Ligue 1
16:00 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.4203.02---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.320.253.64---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.750.252.20---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.250.54.30---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine2.080.51.84---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine2.470.751.58---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.160.756.00---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.07110.52---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine3.3811.33---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.061.2511.26---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine3.891.251.27---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine4.441.51.22---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.061.512.11---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine6.041.751.15---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine1.031.7512.11---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine10.4321.07---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-212.11---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-2.2512.11---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.002.251.07---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-2.512.11---
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.562.
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.562.751.031.381.253.00
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-2.7512.111.591.52.46
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-312.111.761.752.07
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.563-2.0821.79
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.563.25-2.432.251.56
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-3.2512.112.742.51.47
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-3.512.115.303.51.14
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.563.5-
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.563.75-
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-3.7512.1113.506.5-
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine-412.1117.507.5-
 Paradou AC - CS Constantine11.564-100.008.5-