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Friday 1 March 2024, UKT
Slovenia, Prva Liga
16:30 NK Aluminij - NS Mura2.0901.76---
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura1.750.
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura2.480.251.541.4422.75
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura1.560.52.431.682.252.17
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura2.880.51.421.932.51.88
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura1.400.752.932.172.751.68
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura3.580.751.292.6131.48
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura1.2513.973.243.51.33
 NK Aluminij - NS Mura5.1411.
Saturday 2 March 2024, UKT
14:00 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje1.8002.04---
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje2.150.251.701.271.53.64
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje1.560.252.431.4322.81
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje2.500.51.531.672.252.19
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje1.430.52.821.922.51.90
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje3.020.751.382.152.751.69
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje1.300.753.492.5731.50
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje1.1714.953.183.51.34
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Celje4.1211.235.984.51.12
16:30 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.1804.90---
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.320.253.341.201.54.36
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.470.52.681.472.252.64
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.590.752.361.652.52.21
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.8512.041.882.751.99
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale2.071.251.762.0731.74
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale2.351.51.602.353.251.58
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale2.781.751.432.613.51.47
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale3.6221.284.694.51.18
Sunday 3 March 2024, UKT
14:00 FC Koper - NK Rogaska1.2803.63---
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska1.
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska1.450.252.731.572.252.38
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska1.630.52.291.762.52.03
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska1.810.752.031.992.751.88
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska2.0911.942.3331.60
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska2.411.251.582.643.251.47
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska2.721.51.462.933.51.39
 FC Koper - NK Rogaska3.281.751.325.484.51.14
16:30 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo2.0401.80---
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo1.840.252.17---
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo2.440.251.561.351.53.12
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo2.850.51.421.441.752.75
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo1.520.52.541.5822.35
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo1.360.753.111.872.251.93
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo3.580.751.
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo1.2114.372.482.751.53
 NK Radomlje - NK Bravo5.2411.163.803.51.25