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Saturday 29 February 2020, UKT
Slovenia Slovenia, Prva Liga
13:00 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana8.1401.13---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana4.630.251.26---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.070.251.10---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana3.380.51.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.950.51.09---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.950.751.04---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana2.210.751.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-11.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.951----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.951.25----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-1.251.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.951.5----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-1.51.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-1.751.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.951.75----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-21.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.952----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-2.251.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.952.25----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.952.5----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-2.51.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-2.751.39---
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.952.75----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.953----
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-31.391.010.524.00
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.953.25-
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-3.251.391.402.52.88
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.953.5-
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-3.51.393.404.51.33
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-3.751.396.205.51.14
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.953.75-8.506.51.05
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana-41.3912.007.51.02
 Rudar Velenje - Olimpija Ljubljana9.954-6.208.5-
13:30 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.2201.67---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij1.900.251.80---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.550.251.48---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.880.51.40---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij1.720.52.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij1.360.752.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.880.751.20---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.881----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-12.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-1.252.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.881.25----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-1.52.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.881.5----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-1.752.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.881.75----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.882----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-22.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.882.25----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-2.252.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.882.5----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-2.52.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-2.752.02---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.882.75----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.883----
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.883.25-
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.883.5-
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.883.75-7.405.51.10
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-3.752.0210.006.51.03
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij-42.0215.007.51.01
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.884-7.408.5-
17:00 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.0707.50---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.130.254.37---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.020.257.65---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.250.53.36---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.020.58.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.250.752.18---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.010.758.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-18.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.251----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.251.25----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-1.258.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.251.5----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-1.58.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.251.75----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-1.758.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.252----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-28.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.252.25----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-2.258.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-2.58.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.252.5----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.252.75----
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-2.758.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-38.40---
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.253-1.010.519.50
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-3.258.401.141.55.00
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.253.25-1.502.52.56
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-3.58.402.323.51.58
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.253.5-3.954.51.25
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.253.75-
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-3.758.4010.006.51.03
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana-48.4015.007.51.01
 NK Maribor - Tabor Sezana1.254-8.008.5-
Sunday 1 March 2020, UKT
13:00 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura2.5001.50---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura2.790.251.35---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura1.920.251.72---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.200.51.29---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura1.700.51.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura1.350.751.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.200.751.14---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-11.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.201----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-1.251.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.201.25----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-1.51.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.201.5----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-1.751.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.201.75----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-21.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.202----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.202.25----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-2.251.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-2.51.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.202.5----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.202.75----
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-2.751.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-31.99---
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.203--0.517.00
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.203.25-
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-3.251.991.562.52.40
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-3.51.992.423.51.57
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.203.5-
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-3.751.998.805.51.08
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.203.75-10.506.51.03
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura3.204-8.807.5-
 NK Triglav Kranj - NS Mura-41.998.808.5-
15:30 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.4402.63---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.670.252.04---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.320.253.02---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.940.51.79---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.270.53.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.940.751.39---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.130.753.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-13.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.941----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.941.25----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-1.253.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.941.5----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-1.53.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-1.753.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.941.75----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-23.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.942----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.942.25----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-2.253.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.942.5----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-2.53.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.942.75----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-2.753.45---
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.943----
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-33.45-0.517.50
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-3.253.451.141.55.00
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.943.25-1.502.52.60
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-3.53.452.203.51.63
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.943.5-3.854.51.25
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-3.753.457.805.51.10
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.943.75-
 NK Domzale - NK Celje-43.4515.007.51.01
 NK Domzale - NK Celje1.944-3.858.5-