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Saturday 1 October 2022, UKT
Slovenia, Prva Liga
12:00 NK Domzale - NS Mura1.8801.931.020.511.00
 NK Domzale - NS Mura2.200.251.781.291.53.94
 NK Domzale - NS Mura1.640.252.251.552.252.42
 NK Domzale - NS Mura1.500.52.581.902.52.07
 NK Domzale - NS Mura2.520.51.521.952.751.85
 NK Domzale - NS Mura3.060.751.372.2931.62
 NK Domzale - NS Mura1.350.753.142.603.251.49
 NK Domzale - NS Mura4.1711.
 NK Domzale - NS Mura1.2114.335.504.51.14
 NK Domzale - NS Mura---
 NK Domzale - NS Mura---
 NK Domzale - NS Mura---
14:30 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.1405.751.040.59.00
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.270.253.741.151.255.50
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.110.56.601.301.753.45
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.400.52.971.3523.10
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.500.752.601.592.252.38
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.6812.251.792.52.05
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana1.991.251.942.022.751.85
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana2.291.51.702.4031.60
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana2.711.751.532.743.251.48
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana3.4721.383.043.51.40
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana3.872.251.303.453.751.30
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana3.702.51.264.5041.19
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana4.652.751.
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana6.6031.115.594.51.15
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana7.
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana---8.505.51.05
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana---
 Olimpija Ljubljana - NK Tabor Sezana---
17:15 FC Koper - NK Bravo1.4403.00---
 FC Koper - NK Bravo1.710.252.30---
 FC Koper - NK Bravo1.330.253.451.231.254.00
 FC Koper - NK Bravo1.260.53.901.391.53.00
 FC Koper - NK Bravo1.990.51.951.491.752.68
 FC Koper - NK Bravo2.350.751.731.6522.30
 FC Koper - NK Bravo1.160.755.251.932.251.94
 FC Koper - NK Bravo3.1311.502.192.51.70
 FC Koper - NK Bravo3.621.251.382.572.751.53
 FC Koper - NK Bravo4.111.51.333.1031.35
 FC Koper - NK Bravo4.151.751.223.453.251.30
 FC Koper - NK Bravo6.2521.
 FC Koper - NK Bravo6.602.251.114.803.751.18
 FC Koper - NK Bravo7.
Sunday 2 October 2022, UKT
12:00 ND Gorica - NK Maribor3.4501.371.020.511.00
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor3.900.
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor2.500.251.611.311.53.55
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor2.100.51.881.331.753.30
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor4.400.51.231.5122.75
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor5.900.751.131.752.252.20
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.830.752.
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.6512.622.272.751.70
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.501.252.992.7731.50
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.401.53.372.753.251.43
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.301.753.453.403.51.35
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.1824.803.803.751.25
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.152.255.505.2541.16
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor1.142.55.755.754.251.14
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor---
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor---
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor---
 ND Gorica - NK Maribor---
14:30 NK Celje - NK Radomlje1.2504.
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje1.430.252.931.181.254.65
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje1.200.254.401.301.53.82
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje1.600.52.381.351.753.10
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje1.180.54.801.4523.01
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje1.750.752.121.682.252.34
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje1.110.756.601.952.52.01
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje2.0411.792.152.751.79
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje2.371.251.582.6031.56
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje2.711.51.482.853.251.40
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje3.301.751.353.303.51.37
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje4.5321.213.903.751.24
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje4.652.251.185.5041.15
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje5.
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje6.802.751.
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje---
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje---
 NK Celje - NK Radomlje---