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Thursday 16 July 2020, UKT
Slovenia Slovenia, Prva Liga
18:00 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale2.0001.94---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.730.252.28---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale2.360.251.70---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale2.720.51.56---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.580.52.62---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale3.250.751.41---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.420.753.13---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale4.2811.25---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.2714.09---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale4.741.251.22---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.231.254.54---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale5.201.51.19---
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.141.756.661.111.256.80
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale7.261.751.
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.08210.121.201.754.40
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale13.4021.071.2423.90
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale14.342.251.071.402.252.85
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.072.2510.601.612.52.49
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale15.
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.072.511.111.9631.96
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale1.042.7511.
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale21.002.751.042.503.51.60
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale-311.152.753.751.43
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale28.9531.013.4541.30
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale29.353.251.013.704.251.26
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale-3.2511.154.604.51.24
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale-3.511.155.254.751.16
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale29.743.51.017.0051.10
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale29.743.75-
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale-3.7511.1517.506.51.03
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale-411.1580.007.5-
 NK Aluminij - NK Domzale29.744-200.008.5-
18:30 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana3.7401.33---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana4.270.251.30---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana2.790.251.53---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana2.330.51.70---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana4.700.51.25---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana6.360.751.17---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana2.020.751.88---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana9.4511.08---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.7212.19---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.061.251.07---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.561.252.53---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.451.52.87---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.511.51.07---
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana11.001.751.041.050.519.50
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.331.753.421.111.256.80
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.682-
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.2124.611.211.754.25
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.682.25-1.2523.80
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.682.5-1.602.52.49
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.162.55.881.702.752.22
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.682.75-1.9631.95
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.112.757.452.183.251.71
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.06310.992.463.51.57
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.683-2.753.751.43
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.063.2511.553.4541.30
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.683.25-3.804.251.25
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.063.512.114.484.51.22
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.683.5-5.254.751.16
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.683.75-
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana1.033.7512.1110.506.51.03
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana10.684-8.207.5-
 NS Mura - Olimpija Ljubljana-412.11160.008.5-