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Saturday 11 December 2021, UKT
Slovenia, Prva Liga
13:00 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje1.9801.901.030.59.50
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje2.350.251.601.341.53.25
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje1.670.252.201.421.752.84
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje2.730.51.461.5422.45
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje1.510.52.561.832.252.03
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje3.410.751.312.052.51.76
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje1.350.753.152.372.751.57
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje5.0011.173.663.51.29
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje1.2014.456.504.51.10
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje---
 Tabor Sezana - NK Celje---
17:00 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana3.2901.361.020.511.00
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana3.800.
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana2.420.251.561.4322.78
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana4.320.51.211.662.252.20
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana2.030.51.941.932.51.92
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana1.780.752.042.142.751.70
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana1.5412.492.5631.50
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana1.411.252.863.253.51.34
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana1.341.
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana---
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana---
 NK Radomlje - Olimpija Ljubljana---
20:15 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.3303.531.010.513.00
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.490.252.631.231.54.03
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.680.52.181.732.52.10
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale1.960.751.921.972.751.88
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale2.2711.642.2431.64
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale2.641.251.492.553.251.51
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale2.991.51.382.833.51.41
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale3.711.751.
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale---8.505.51.05
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale---
 NK Maribor - NK Domzale---
Sunday 12 December 2021, UKT
15:00 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij1.4003.301.050.58.50
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij1.540.252.481.361.53.26
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij1.260.253.791.5022.57
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij1.920.52.081.722.252.11
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.040.751.792.102.51.85
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij2.6011.502.242.751.64
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij3.081.251.372.8131.43
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij3.541.51.293.753.51.28
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij4.541.751.
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij---
 NK Bravo - NK Aluminij---
17:00 FC Koper - NS Mura1.8602.101.030.510.00
 FC Koper - NS Mura2.070.251.781.301.53.50
 FC Koper - NS Mura1.540.252.491.4622.68
 FC Koper - NS Mura2.380.51.581.702.252.14
 FC Koper - NS Mura1.420.52.851.952.51.89
 FC Koper - NS Mura2.890.751.412.192.751.67
 FC Koper - NS Mura1.290.753.582.6631.47
 FC Koper - NS Mura3.9511.253.323.51.33
 FC Koper - NS Mura4.451.251.216.474.51.11
 FC Koper - NS Mura---
 FC Koper - NS Mura---
 FC Koper - NS Mura---