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Friday 19 April 2024, UKT
Chile, Segunda Division
23:00 Arturo Fernandez Vial - Real San Joaquin2.1201.711.902.251.90
 Arturo Fernandez Vial - Real San Joaquin1.790.
Saturday 20 April 2024, UKT
16:30 Deportes Magallanes - San Marcos de Arica1.850.751.931.672.52.09
 Deportes Magallanes - San Marcos de Arica2.1411.651.872.751.89
19:00 Deportes Temuco - San Luis de Quillota1.7902.091.321.753.06
 Deportes Temuco - San Luis de Quillota2.050.251.761.4122.66
 Deportes Temuco - San Luis de Quillota1.530.252.391.652.252.13
 Deportes Temuco - San Luis de Quillota1.410.52.711.932.51.90
 Deportes Temuco - San Luis de Quillota2.340.51.532.122.751.66
 Deportes Temuco - San Luis de Quillota2.800.751.392.5131.46
 Deportes Temuco - San Luis de Quillota1.280.753.332.813.251.37
Sunday 21 April 2024, UKT
00:30 CSD Rangers - Santiago Morning1.840.751.941.692.252.07
 CSD Rangers - Santiago Morning2.1411.651.952.51.81
16:30 Antofagasta - Deportes Recoleta1.890.251.891.692.252.07
 Antofagasta - Deportes Recoleta2.130.51.661.952.51.81
21:30 Deportes Limache - Santiago Wanderers1.710.52.071.842.751.92
 Deportes Limache - Santiago Wanderers1.930.751.852.1131.66
Monday 22 April 2024, UKT
22:00 La Serena - Deportes Santa Cruz1.780.52.001.702.52.06
 La Serena - Deportes Santa Cruz2.020.751.761.912.751.85
Tuesday 23 April 2024, UKT
00:30 Barnechea - Union San Felipe1.740.752.041.782.751.98
 Barnechea - Union San Felipe2.0111.772.0331.73
 Universidad de Concepcion - Curico Unido1.6802.111.752.752.01
 Universidad de Concepcion - Curico Unido1.960.251.822.0031.76