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Polish Middles

OddStorm is proud to announce "Polish Middles" product. "Polish Middles" are well known but also unique product on the market. We are glad that OddStorm clients are first to have it. Soon we will publish a document of what "Polish Middles" are and how you can benefit from them.

Faster than ever

Trying to be market leader in odd calculations, OddStorm made significant hardware and software improvements. No more feeling of "heavy serving", especially weekends.

Arbitrages Calculator is launched

Arbitrages (Sure Bets) Calculator is your new tool to calculate stakes for the arbitrages. It also supports cross-market arbitrage calculations.

Sixteen reasons to choose OddStorm!

1. No delayed odds and missing events! OddStorm collects odds from bookmakers on its own. We do not buy them! That way OddStorm do not depend on third parties, which provide delayed odds and missing tournaments.
2. Only wanted information is provided! You can customize bookmakers you wish to use. When browsing tournaments, events, surebets, middles, polish middles you will only see odds and events from selected bookmakers. That way no “unwanted” information is provided.
3. Obvious errors filtering! OddStorm filters obvious errors in bookmaker’s odds. Bookmakers make a lot of errors providing their odds. That way we filter almost all fake surebets, middles and polish middles.
4. Event matching system! OddStorm guarantee displaying of almost all tournaments, leagues and events matched against each bookmaker.
5. Odd Comparison and Odd History! You can see history of every odd, its changes in time. Compare odds from bookmakers of your choice.
6. Unique Soccer Surebets! OddStorm generates unique and cross-market Soccer Surebets. The OddStorm power is in fast detection, generation and customization.
7. Middles! OddStorm provide middles you can not find elsewhere.
8. Polish Middles! OddStorm is one and only source of Polish Middles!
9. Calculators! Every surebet, middle or polish middle can be calculated. You can specify fixed stake for an odd price and than OddStorm calculates other stakes, percentage, value, profit, loss.
10. Filter by time, percentage, value! You can filter surebets, middles and polish middles by event time, min/max percentage/value.
11. Filter by bookmaker! All surebets, middles and polish middles are shown against chosen bookmakers. You can anytime customize the list of bookmakers of your interest.
12. Filter by odd! When you decide that an odd is not attractive anymore (ex. if you already bet on it) you can remove it with one click. That way you will see no surebets, middles and polish middles with this odd. We believe that you must see only useful information!
13. Auto Refresh! You can specify time interval for a page to refresh, so you always see actual information.
14. Alarm! When surebet, middle or polish middle with given criteria is found, OddStorm will sound alarm. That way you have no engagement to sit and watch OddStorm site all the time.
15. Copy to Clipboard! Function to copy current settings in surebet, middle or polish middle calculator in clipboard. That way you can paste in friendly text format what you bet on.
16. Customer Support! One of major OddStorm goal is its Customer Support. You can always rely on our professionals if you have any question, recommendation or proposals.