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Friday 31 January 2020, UKT
Romania Romania, Liga I
18:00 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias1.3803.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias1.630.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias1.300.253.451.1216.25
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias1.240.53.901.261.253.70
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias1.930.51.971.401.52.85
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias1.150.755.501.531.752.43
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias2.200.751.651.7022.10
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias2.7511.432.022.251.86
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias3.101.251.352.252.51.63
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias3.551.51.282.682.751.45
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias4.501.751.193.4531.30
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias7.0021.103.703.251.26
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias---5.503.751.15
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - Gaz Metan Medias---
Saturday 1 February 2020, UKT
13:00 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.7302.
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe2.140.251.771.120.756.25
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.500.252.501.1415.75
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.380.53.001.301.253.45
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe2.430.51.531.451.52.68
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe3.000.751.381.551.752.38
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.260.753.701.8322.05
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe4.2511.
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.1415.752.382.51.55
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe4.801.251.183.5531.28
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe5.501.
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.111.56.604.403.51.20
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe---5.753.751.14
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe---
 AFC Hermannstadt - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe---
12:00 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari1.5502.381.070.59.00
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari1.890.
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari1.430.252.751.351.53.10
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari2.100.51.701.431.752.75
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari1.330.53.301.5522.38
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari1.220.754.151.842.252.04
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari2.500.751.502.082.51.73
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari1.1216.402.382.751.55
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari3.3011.333.0031.38
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari1.111.256.803.303.251.33
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari3.701.251.263.553.51.28
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari4.
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari5.501.751.156.6041.11
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari---
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari---
 Academica Clinceni - Voluntari---
18:00 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu2.0701.851.080.58.50
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu1.650.252.201.1116.60
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu2.380.251.551.231.254.00
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu2.750.51.431.351.53.10
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu1.500.52.501.451.752.68
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu3.450.751.301.6022.30
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu1.350.753.101.912.252.00
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu1.2114.
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu5.0011.172.432.751.53
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu5.751.251.143.1031.35
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu1.181.254.803.453.251.30
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu6.
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu1.151.55.504.653.751.18
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu---7.0041.10
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu---
 Dinamo Bucuresti - Astra Giurgiu---
Sunday 2 February 2020, UKT
15:00 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani2.4301.531.070.59.50
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani2.070.251.851.201.254.40
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani2.850.251.401.301.53.45
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani3.450.51.301.381.753.00
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani1.730.52.081.5022.50
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani4.250.751.211.732.252.08
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani1.530.752.432.032.51.85
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani6.6011.112.252.751.63
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani1.3513.102.6831.45
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani7.
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani1.281.253.553.453.51.30
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani1.241.53.904.153.751.22
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani1.161.755.255.9041.13
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani---6.404.251.12
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani---6.804.51.11
 Chindia Targoviste - Botosani---
18:00 CFR Cluj - FCSB1.6302.
 CFR Cluj - FCSB2.020.251.881.110.756.80
 CFR Cluj - FCSB1.450.252.681.1316.00
 CFR Cluj - FCSB2.250.51.631.281.253.55
 CFR Cluj - FCSB1.350.53.101.401.52.75
 CFR Cluj - FCSB2.750.751.431.531.752.43
 CFR Cluj - FCSB1.240.753.901.7322.08
 CFR Cluj - FCSB1.1316.
 CFR Cluj - FCSB3.7011.262.302.51.60
 CFR Cluj - FCSB4.
 CFR Cluj - FCSB1.111.256.603.4531.30
 CFR Cluj - FCSB4.651.51.183.803.251.25
 CFR Cluj - FCSB6.251.751.124.333.51.20
 CFR Cluj - FCSB---5.753.751.14
 CFR Cluj - FCSB---
 CFR Cluj - FCSB---
Monday 3 February 2020, UKT
18:00 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta2.6001.481.060.510.00
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta3.000.251.381.201.254.40
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta2.110.251.811.291.53.50
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta3.450.51.301.381.753.00
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta1.780.52.031.5022.50
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta1.580.752.351.752.252.05
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta4.400.751.
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta1.3813.002.252.751.63
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta6.8011.112.7531.43
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta1.301.253.453.103.251.35
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta1.251.53.803.403.51.30
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta1.171.755.004.253.751.21
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta---5.9041.13
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta---6.404.251.12
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta---
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Viitorul Constanta---