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Friday 18 September 2020, UKT
Romania, 1st Liga
15:00 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt2.2101.78---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.800.252.17---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt2.690.251.55---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt3.150.51.43---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.590.52.54---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt4.050.751.28---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.410.753.12---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt6.2311.14---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.2314.29---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt6.961.251.13---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.201.254.81---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.171.55.34---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.601.51.11---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.111.757.38---
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.661.751.
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.05211.691.100.757.00
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.602-1.1216.25
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.052.2512.
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.602.25-1.431.52.93
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.042.512.541.541.752.55
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.602.5-1.8022.16
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.662.75-
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt1.022.7512.542.382.51.62
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.663-2.832.751.46
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt-312.543.4531.30
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.663.25-3.703.251.26
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt-3.2512.544.513.51.23
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.663.5-5.503.751.15
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt-3.512.5410.004.51.07
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt-3.7512.5427.005.51.02
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.663.75-110.006.5-
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt7.664-350.007.5-
 Chindia Targoviste - AFC Hermannstadt-412.54350.008.5-
18:00 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj4.2201.29---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj4.960.251.23---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj2.850.251.51---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj2.280.51.76---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj5.700.51.19---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj2.030.751.93---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj8.040.751.12---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj12.2311.04---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.7212.29---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj12.921.251.04---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.511.252.68---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.621.51.04---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.381.53.00---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.281.753.75---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.621.751.02---
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.1625.381.090.59.60
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.622-1.1116.80
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.142.255.971.241.253.90
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.622.25-1.391.53.18
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.622.5-1.6322.42
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.082.759.171.952.252.00
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.622.75-
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.0436.522.502.751.57
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.623-3.1031.35
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.043.256.523.553.251.28
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.623.25-
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.623.5-5.003.751.17
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.033.56.529.004.51.07
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj1.013.756.5219.005.51.02
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.623.75-6.406.5-
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj13.624-9.007.5-
 Astra Giurgiu - CFR Cluj-46.529.008.5-
Saturday 19 September 2020, UKT
16:00 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.8002.13---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta2.210.251.76---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.580.252.58---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta2.620.51.56---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.450.53.05---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.300.753.80---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta3.200.751.39---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta4.4411.21---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.1715.40---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta4.991.251.18---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.151.255.98---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta5.501.51.15---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.131.56.52---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta7.661.751.10---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta1.081.756.59---
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-24.331.090.58.80
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta12.7321.051.1116.60
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-2.256.591.251.253.80
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta12.822.251.041.401.53.10
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-2.56.591.491.752.67
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta13.502.51.041.6522.27
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta13.502.751.021.952.251.89
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-2.756.592.242.51.69
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-36.592.652.751.50
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta13.503-3.3031.33
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-3.256.593.553.251.28
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta13.503.25-
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-3.56.595.253.751.16
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta13.503.5-
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta13.503.75-
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-3.756.598.806.5-
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta13.504-8.807.5-
 Sepsi - Viitorul Constanta-46.598.808.5-
18:45 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.2205.19---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.410.253.33---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.190.255.99---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.160.56.80---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.610.52.63---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.750.752.27---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.100.759.39---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.9711.96---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.0416.80---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari2.291.251.65---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.041.256.80---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari2.661.51.53---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.031.56.80---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari1.011.756.80---
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari3.081.751.381.060.511.00
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari4.0721.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-26.801.301.53.69
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-2.256.801.351.753.10
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari4.542.251.201.4322.88
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari5.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-2.56.801.942.51.97
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari6.802.751.122.132.751.73
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-2.756.802.6331.50
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari11.0031.062.853.251.40
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-36.803.403.51.35
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari11.553.251.063.903.751.24
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-3.256.805.5041.15
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-3.56.805.754.251.14
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari12.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-3.756.8013.005.51.04
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari12.113.751.0226.006.51.01
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari12.114-6.607.5-
 CS Universitatea Craiova - FC Voluntari-46.806.608.5-
Sunday 20 September 2020, UKT
13:30 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni1.2803.551.080.58.50
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni1.
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni1.480.252.791.381.53.14
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni1.190.54.501.461.752.77
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni1.680.52.251.6022.38
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni1.950.751.951.932.251.96
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni1.120.756.
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni2.3611.632.512.751.54
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni2.811.251.483.1031.35
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni3.001.51.383.453.251.30
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni3.701.751.
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni5.5021.154.803.751.18
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni5.902.251.137.0041.10
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni6.
 FC Botosani - Academica Clinceni---
15:45 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi1.4303.
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi1.700.
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi1.330.253.301.1216.40
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi1.260.53.701.261.253.70
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi2.010.51.901.401.52.98
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi1.170.755.001.501.752.61
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi2.310.751.641.6822.22
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi3.0811.401.982.251.86
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi3.301.251.332.272.51.66
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi3.701.51.262.692.751.48
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi4.801.751.183.3031.33
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi---3.703.251.26
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi---4.343.51.23
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi---5.253.751.16
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi---
 UTA Arad - CSM Politehnica Iasi---
18:30 FCSB - Arges Pitesti---
Monday 21 September 2020, UKT
18:00 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti2.9401.431.080.58.50
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti3.300.251.331.1116.60
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti2.190.251.711.241.253.90
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti1.850.52.031.381.53.08
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti3.700.51.261.481.752.69
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti1.620.752.341.6422.29
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti5.000.751.171.942.251.89
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti1.4013.
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti1.331.253.302.632.751.50
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti1.261.53.703.3031.33
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti1.181.754.803.553.251.28
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti---
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti---5.003.751.17
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti---
 Gaz Metan Medias - Dinamo Bucuresti---