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Friday 22 November 2019, UKT
Romania Romania, Liga I
18:30 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste1.1106.801.050.512.00
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste1.
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste1.330.53.901.241.54.08
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste1.400.752.851.301.753.45
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste1.5012.911.3623.12
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste1.751.252.231.582.252.38
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste1.991.51.911.842.52.05
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste2.221.751.682.072.751.83
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste2.7521.462.4531.60
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste3.002.251.382.603.251.48
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste3.542.51.303.153.51.40
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste4.152.751.223.453.751.30
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste5.9031.134.5041.19
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste6.403.
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste---
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste---6.804.751.11
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste---
 CFR Cluj - Chindia Targoviste---
Saturday 23 November 2019, UKT
16:00 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari1.3303.331.080.58.50
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari1.580.252.411.1017.00
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari1.250.253.801.231.254.00
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari1.210.54.481.351.53.22
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari1.860.52.041.451.752.81
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari1.130.755.901.5822.40
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari2.160.751.761.892.252.01
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari2.6811.502.142.51.75
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari2.851.251.402.502.751.53
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari3.591.51.333.0031.38
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari4.101.751.233.453.251.30
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari6.0021.
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari6.602.251.114.653.751.18
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari7.
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari---
 CSM Politehnica Iasi - Voluntari---
18:30 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu1.2004.401.060.510.00
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu1.
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu1.380.253.001.301.53.78
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu1.550.52.551.351.753.10
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu1.140.56.421.4522.90
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu1.740.752.211.682.252.27
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu1.9911.911.952.51.95
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu2.311.251.632.192.751.73
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu2.661.51.502.6031.51
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu3.101.751.352.853.251.40
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu4.1021.233.303.51.33
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu4.502.251.193.903.751.24
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu5.482.51.175.7541.14
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu6.602.751.115.904.251.13
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu---6.554.51.12
 FCSB - Astra Giurgiu---
Sunday 24 November 2019, UKT
11:30 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti2.8101.451.060.510.00
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti3.100.251.351.191.254.50
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti2.160.251.761.301.53.67
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti3.850.51.281.381.753.00
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti1.890.52.011.4822.77
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti1.610.752.341.732.252.17
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti4.500.751.
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti7.0011.102.222.751.66
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti1.4013.022.7231.46
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti1.331.253.303.003.251.38
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti1.281.53.923.443.51.30
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti1.181.754.654.103.751.23
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti1.1027.005.7541.14
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti---
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti---
 Academica Clinceni - Dinamo Bucuresti---
14:30 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani1.7402.
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani1.500.252.691.1116.80
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani2.160.251.821.231.254.10
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani2.380.51.601.351.53.19
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani1.380.53.141.451.752.81
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani1.260.753.701.5822.41
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani2.900.751.421.902.252.02
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani3.9011.
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani1.1515.502.452.751.55
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani1.131.255.903.0031.38
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani4.401.251.203.453.251.30
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani1.121.56.403.933.51.26
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani5.
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani6.601.751.116.8041.11
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani---
 Gaz Metan Medias - Botosani---
17:30 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt1.1705.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt1.350.253.101.1116.80
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt1.140.255.751.241.253.90
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt1.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt1.530.52.641.501.752.60
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt1.700.752.251.6622.25
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt2.0111.921.982.251.90
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt2.401.251.632.252.51.72
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt2.821.51.482.622.751.50
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt3.101.751.353.1031.35
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt4.2521.213.553.251.28
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt4.652.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt6.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt7.002.751.
 CS Universitatea Craiova - AFC Hermannstadt---
Monday 25 November 2019, UKT
18:30 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.2004.401.060.510.00
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.380.253.001.301.53.56
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.530.52.561.351.753.10
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.140.56.561.4622.71
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe1.740.752.201.702.252.15
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe2.0311.882.002.51.92
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe2.371.251.652.252.751.69
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe2.751.51.502.7931.48
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe3.001.751.383.003.251.38
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe4.0021.233.573.51.33
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe4.402.
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe5.732.51.175.7541.14
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe6.402.751.
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe---6.404.51.12
 Viitorul Constanta - Sepsi OSK Sfantu Gheorghe---