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Friday 24 May 2024, UKT
Denmark, Division 1
17:00 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens1.3203.33---
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens1.560.252.481.261.53.73
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens1.260.253.851.4022.92
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens1.790.52.071.622.252.31
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens2.030.751.881.842.52.02
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens2.4211.562.062.751.85
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens2.791.251.442.4531.54
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens3.151.51.353.063.51.36
 Hillerod Fodbold - AC Horsens3.951.751.255.764.51.13
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske3.4601.30---
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske3.930.
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske2.610.251.491.462.252.69
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske2.180.51.711.632.52.25
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske1.960.751.941.832.752.05
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske1.6712.232.0631.76
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske1.521.252.532.323.251.60
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske1.421.52.852.583.51.49
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske1.301.753.494.604.51.19
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK1.8902.
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK2.150.251.711.512.52.51
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK1.650.252.291.652.752.27
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK2.450.51.552.0132.02
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK1.500.52.612.113.251.80
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK1.350.753.
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK2.900.751.402.533.751.51
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK1.2314.173.574.51.28
 Kolding IF - Aalborg BK3.8011.
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia1.5602.43---
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia1.440.252.80---
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia1.850.
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia1.350.53.161.512.52.54
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia2.050.51.791.622.752.28
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia2.370.751.591.8332.05
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia1.250.753.932.073.251.78
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia2.9211.402.263.51.63
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia3.281.251.333.814.51.25
Saturday 25 May 2024, UKT
15:59 Hillerod (N) - AC Horsens2.010.751.852.042.751.80
 Hobro IK - Sonderjyske1.940.751.921.842.752.00
 Kolding IF - AaB Aalborg1.8701.991.8531.99
 Vendsyssel FF - FC Fredericia1.820.252.041.8432.00
Sunday 26 May 2024, UKT
12:00 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen1.6602.21---
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen1.490.252.57---
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen1.970.251.951.171.54.60
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen1.380.52.911.602.52.27
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen2.200.51.701.782.752.05
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen2.580.751.482.0431.87
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen1.270.753.612.243.251.62
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen3.2911.312.493.51.51
 FC Helsingor - B93 Copenhagen3.681.
 HB Koge - Naestved BK2.4901.53---
 HB Koge - Naestved BK2.910.251.411.201.54.36
 HB Koge - Naestved BK2.060.251.881.492.252.60
 HB Koge - Naestved BK1.790.52.061.732.52.18
 HB Koge - Naestved BK3.300.51.331.992.751.95
 HB Koge - Naestved BK4.180.751.232.2331.71
 HB Koge - Naestved BK1.580.752.402.403.251.56
 HB Koge - Naestved BK1.3813.002.663.51.46
 HB Koge - Naestved BK1.311.253.404.744.51.18