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Monday 18 November 2019, UKT
Argentina Argentina, Primera C
20:00 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.2503.75---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.180.254.20---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.490.252.34---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.150.54.90---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.750.51.71---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.070.755.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.750.751.46---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-15.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.751----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.751.25----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-1.255.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-1.55.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.751.5----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-1.755.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.751.75----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.752----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-25.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.752.25----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-2.255.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-2.55.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.752.5----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-2.755.00---
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.752.75----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.753----
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.753.25-2.562.51.50
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.753.5-11.504.51.06
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-3.755.0011.505.51.01
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.753.75-11.506.5-
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir1.754-11.507.5-
 Argentino de Merlo - El Porvenir-45.0011.508.5-
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud1.6702.15---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.060.251.74---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud1.450.252.67---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud1.350.53.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.480.51.54---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.480.751.27---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud1.170.753.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-13.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.481----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-1.253.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.481.25----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-1.53.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.481.5----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.481.75----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-1.753.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.482----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-23.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-2.253.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.482.25----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-2.53.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.482.5----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.482.75----
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-2.753.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-33.20---
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.483-
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.483.25-2.762.51.45
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.483.5-13.504.51.06
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-3.753.
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.483.75-5.206.5-
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud-43.2013.507.5-
 Canuelas FC - CS Dock Sud2.484-13.508.5-
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid1.6202.20---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid1.950.251.72---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid1.380.252.59---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.360.51.53---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid1.290.53.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.360.751.26---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid1.150.753.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.361----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-13.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.361.25----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-1.253.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-1.53.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.361.5----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.361.75----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-1.753.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.362----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-23.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-2.253.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.362.25----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.362.5----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-2.53.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.362.75----
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-2.753.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-33.10---
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.363-
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.363.25-2.752.51.44
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.363.5-
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-3.53.1012.504.51.06
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.363.75-12.505.51.01
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-3.753.1012.506.5-
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid-43.1012.507.5-
 Sportivo Italiano - General Lamadrid2.364-12.508.5-
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba1.8001.94---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.150.251.64---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba1.510.252.39---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba1.390.52.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.580.51.48---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.580.751.24---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba1.190.752.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-12.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.581----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.581.25----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-1.252.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.581.5----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-1.52.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.581.75----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-1.752.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.582----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-22.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-2.252.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.582.25----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.582.5----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-2.52.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.582.75----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-2.752.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.583----
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-32.86---
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.583.25-
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-3.252.861.441.52.46
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-3.52.862.522.51.52
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.583.5-4.703.51.13
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.583.75-10.505.51.01
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-3.752.864.706.5-
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba2.584-10.507.5-
 Victoriano Arenas - Central Cordoba-42.8610.508.5-