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Wednesday 18 September 2019, UKT
International International, Friendlies
16:30 Arandina - Burgos1.4402.63-0.510.00
 Arandina - Burgos---
22:00 La Horquetta Rangers FC - Santa Rosa FC1.0807.00-0.526.00
 La Horquetta Rangers FC - Santa Rosa FC---1.302.53.45
00:00 Police F.C. - Club Sando1.8501.951.030.515.00
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.732.52.08
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.952.751.85
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.623.51.04
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.704.51.03
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.805.51.01
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.906.5-
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.987.5-
 Police F.C. - Club Sando---1.018.5-