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Friday 7 October 2022, UKT
Ireland, Division 1
17:45 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.1001.38---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.550.251.31---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town2.420.251.59---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town2.080.51.79---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town4.000.51.25---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.890.752.02---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town5.250.751.16---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.6312.40---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.951----
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.951.25----
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.501.252.74---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.401.53.07---
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.951.5----
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.301.753.811.040.515.50
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.951.75-
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.952-
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.1924.501.221.754.15
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.952.25-1.492.252.68
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.952.5-1.672.52.25
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.152.55.501.832.752.05
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.102.757.002.0931.83
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.952.75-2.373.251.63
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.953-2.643.51.59
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town-33.022.853.751.40
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.953.25-3.7041.26
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town-
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town-
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.953.5-5.754.751.14
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town-3.753.
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.953.75-
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town-43.0217.007.51.01
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town3.954-9.008.5-
 Cork City - Wexford FC1.1904.821.030.510.50
 Cork City - Wexford FC1.340.253.331.111.256.60
 Cork City - Wexford FC1.
 Cork City - Wexford FC1.150.55.501.221.754.15
 Cork City - Wexford FC1.490.52.681.2623.70
 Cork City - Wexford FC1.610.752.381.482.252.75
 Cork City - Wexford FC1.8112.081.662.52.30
 Cork City - Wexford FC2.081.251.811.832.752.08
 Cork City - Wexford FC2.361.51.632.0831.85
 Cork City - Wexford FC2.761.751.482.373.251.65
 Cork City - Wexford FC3.5221.332.643.51.50
 Cork City - Wexford FC3.552.251.282.853.751.40
 Cork City - Wexford FC3.902.51.243.5541.28
 Cork City - Wexford FC5.002.751.173.904.251.24
 Cork City - Wexford FC7.0031.104.724.51.20
 Cork City - Wexford FC---5.504.751.15
 Cork City - Wexford FC---7.505.51.07
 Cork City - Wexford FC---10.506.51.03
 Cork City - Wexford FC---
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.0508.501.020.511.00
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.130.255.901.141.55.62
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.240.753.901.1824.80
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.2813.711.302.253.45
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.451.252.811.462.52.70
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.601.52.361.562.752.44
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.751.752.101.7032.20
 Galway United - Athlone Town1.9921.871.933.251.95
 Galway United - Athlone Town2.262.251.682.133.51.73
 Galway United - Athlone Town2.532.51.552.423.751.58
 Galway United - Athlone Town2.972.751.432.7541.43
 Galway United - Athlone Town3.7931.303.104.251.35
 Galway United - Athlone Town3.803.251.253.484.51.30
 Galway United - Athlone Town4.
 Galway United - Athlone Town5.253.751.165.5051.15
 Galway United - Athlone Town7.0041.105.905.251.13
 Galway United - Athlone Town---6.365.51.13
 Galway United - Athlone Town---
 Galway United - Athlone Town---
 Galway United - Athlone Town---
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.1405.001.010.513.00
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.400.
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.110.56.601.2823.55
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.500.752.801.482.252.60
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.6312.431.652.52.32
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.871.252.031.872.752.07
 Waterford FC - Treaty United2.081.51.792.0531.83
 Waterford FC - Treaty United2.391.751.602.303.251.65
 Waterford FC - Treaty United3.0021.412.553.51.53
 Waterford FC - Treaty United3.342.251.343.003.751.38
 Waterford FC - Treaty United3.552.51.283.8041.25
 Waterford FC - Treaty United4.502.751.
 Waterford FC - Treaty United6.4031.124.504.51.21
 Waterford FC - Treaty United6.803.251.115.904.751.13
 Waterford FC - Treaty United---
 Waterford FC - Treaty United---
 Waterford FC - Treaty United---