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Friday 2 June 2023, UKT
Ireland, Division 1
17:45 Athlone Town - Longford Town1.4602.73---
 Athlone Town - Longford Town1.990.
 Athlone Town - Longford Town1.350.253.161.552.252.43
 Athlone Town - Longford Town2.230.51.871.752.52.06
 Athlone Town - Longford Town1.290.53.591.952.752.05
 Athlone Town - Longford Town2.240.751.652.2731.79
 Athlone Town - Longford Town2.7811.442.573.251.50
 Athlone Town - Longford Town3.151.251.352.843.51.41
 Athlone Town - Longford Town3.531.
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC3.5101.30---
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC2.600.251.501.261.53.77
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC4.
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC2.160.51.691.602.252.31
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC2.000.751.901.822.52.16
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC1.7112.252.032.751.95
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC1.501.252.592.4131.56
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC1.401.52.923.013.51.37
 Bray Wanderers - Galway United FC1.281.753.615.704.51.13
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.290.753.71---
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.3513.26---
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.551.252.521.171.55.12
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.741.52.141.532.52.54
 Waterford FC - Treaty United1.921.752.141.652.752.26
 Waterford FC - Treaty United2.2721.871.8332.05
 Waterford FC - Treaty United2.602.251.522.093.251.80
 Waterford FC - Treaty United2.902.51.422.353.51.61
 Waterford FC - Treaty United3.532.751.314.124.51.23
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers1.7702.15---
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers1.520.252.531.241.53.93
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers2.070.251.831.572.252.38
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers2.300.51.621.792.52.09
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers1.410.52.882.012.751.87
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers1.290.753.582.3231.60
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers2.740.751.462.633.251.48
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers3.5611.292.903.51.40
 Wexford FC - Cobh Ramblers3.991.251.245.354.51.15
18:00 Finn Harps - Kerry FC1.1705.01---
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC1.320.253.341.271.53.67
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC1.480.52.651.4122.88
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC1.750.752.331.632.252.27
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC2.0212.001.852.52.13
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC2.121.251.722.072.751.90
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC2.421.51.562.4631.54
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC2.901.751.403.083.51.36
 Finn Harps - Kerry FC3.8521.265.914.51.12
Monday 5 June 2023, UKT
14:00 Kerry - Waterford FC2.162.251.761.833.252.05
 Kerry - Waterford FC1.912.51.992.053.51.83
15:00 Galway United - Finn Harps1.8022.111.8232.06
 Galway United - Finn Harps2.072.251.832.073.251.81
17:45 Athlone Town - Bray Wanderers1.9401.961.852.752.03
 Athlone Town - Bray Wanderers2.230.251.712.1331.76
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town1.870.252.031.932.51.95
 Cobh Ramblers - Longford Town2.140.51.772.202.751.71
 Treaty United - Wexford FC1.870.252.031.732.52.17
 Treaty United - Wexford FC2.130.51.781.932.751.95