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Saturday 18 September 2021, UKT
Australia, Queensland National Premier League (NPL)
09:00 Magpies Crusaders United - Queensland Lions2.332.51.561.523.752.41
 Magpies Crusaders United - Queensland Lions2.112.751.821.6442.20
 Magpies Crusaders United - Queensland Lions1.8931.941.854.251.98
 Magpies Crusaders United - Queensland Lions1.673.252.161.994.51.78
 Magpies Crusaders United - Queensland Lions1.543.52.382.204.751.62
Sunday 19 September 2021, UKT
06:00 Gold Coast Knights - Eastern Suburbs1.510.752.461.4432.64
 Gold Coast Knights - Eastern Suburbs1.6512.201.633.252.22
 Gold Coast Knights - Eastern Suburbs1.881.251.931.823.51.97
 Gold Coast Knights - Eastern Suburbs2.081.51.722.003.751.77
 Gold Coast Knights - Eastern Suburbs2.361.751.552.2941.57
07:45 Redlands United - Gold Coast United2.3011.581.573.252.29
 Redlands United - Gold Coast United2.001.251.781.753.52.03
 Redlands United - Gold Coast United1.831.51.991.933.751.85
 Redlands United - Gold Coast United1.641.752.222.1841.65
 Redlands United - Gold Coast United1.4622.592.414.251.52
08:00 Brisbane Roar U21 - Moreton Bay United1.4602.601.583.252.26
 Brisbane Roar U21 - Moreton Bay United1.640.252.211.763.52.01
 Brisbane Roar U21 - Moreton Bay United1.830.51.981.963.751.83
 Brisbane Roar U21 - Moreton Bay United1.990.751.792.2341.62
 Brisbane Roar U21 - Moreton Bay United2.2411.612.464.251.50
 Brisbane Strikers - Sunshine Coast Wanderers2.291.251.541.593.52.16
 Brisbane Strikers - Sunshine Coast Wanderers2.041.51.701.733.751.98
 Brisbane Strikers - Sunshine Coast Wanderers1.901.751.901.9641.83
 Brisbane Strikers - Sunshine Coast Wanderers1.6722.
 Brisbane Strikers - Sunshine Coast Wanderers1.532.252.302.324.51.51
 Capalaba Bulldogs - Peninsula Power2.311.51.571.513.252.44
 Capalaba Bulldogs - Peninsula Power2.121.751.701.673.52.15
 Capalaba Bulldogs - Peninsula Power1.9121.891.833.751.96
 Capalaba Bulldogs - Peninsula Power1.722.252.092.0341.75
 Capalaba Bulldogs - Peninsula Power1.582.
 Logan Lightning - Olympic FC2.2511.561.563.252.23
 Logan Lightning - Olympic FC1.961.251.761.733.51.98
 Logan Lightning - Olympic FC1.821.51.991.953.751.85
 Logan Lightning - Olympic FC1.611.752.182.1641.61
 Logan Lightning - Olympic FC1.4422.542.384.251.49