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Saturday 8 October 2022, UKT
Sweden, 1 Division (third division)
10:00 BK Olympic - Lunds BK1.4502.671.462.252.63
 BK Olympic - Lunds BK1.680.252.181.652.52.23
 BK Olympic - Lunds BK2.030.51.921.812.752.01
 BK Olympic - Lunds BK2.160.751.702.0531.80
 BK Olympic - Lunds BK2.5911.482.303.251.59
 Qviding FIF - GAIS2.410.751.511.552.52.38
 Qviding FIF - GAIS2.1411.661.632.752.13
 Qviding FIF - GAIS1.901.251.981.9231.95
 Qviding FIF - GAIS1.681.
 Qviding FIF - GAIS1.511.752.402.253.51.55
13:00 BK Forward - Sollentuna FK2.340.51.521.542.52.27
 BK Forward - Sollentuna FK2.110.751.651.682.752.06
 BK Forward - Sollentuna FK2.2211.921.9731.88
 BK Forward - Sollentuna FK1.651.
 BK Forward - Sollentuna FK1.521.52.342.333.51.51
 Falkenbergs FF - Lindome GIF1.511.252.411.382.52.88
 Falkenbergs FF - Lindome GIF1.681.52.101.542.752.30
 Falkenbergs FF - Lindome GIF1.901.751.931.7032.05
 Falkenbergs FF - Lindome GIF2.1321.781.983.251.94
 Falkenbergs FF - Lindome GIF2.382.251.522.153.51.64
 Falkenbergs FF - Lindome GIF---2.433.751.49
 IF Karlstad - IFK Haninge1.430.252.561.502.52.35
 IF Karlstad - IFK Haninge1.600.52.211.632.752.14
 IF Karlstad - IFK Haninge1.820.752.051.9231.96
 IF Karlstad - IFK Haninge1.9811.752.033.251.69
 IF Karlstad - IFK Haninge2.221.251.572.243.51.56
 IF Sylvia - Umea FC1.7402.001.592.52.28
 IF Sylvia - Umea FC1.560.252.261.712.752.01
 IF Sylvia - Umea FC2.
 IF Sylvia - Umea FC2.220.51.592.163.251.61
 IF Sylvia - Umea FC2.570.751.432.383.51.49
 IFK Malmo - Ljungskile SK2.300.51.531.562.52.36
 IFK Malmo - Ljungskile SK2.080.751.681.712.752.01
 IFK Malmo - Ljungskile SK1.8812.031.9931.85
 IFK Malmo - Ljungskile SK1.631.
 IFK Malmo - Ljungskile SK1.501.52.382.393.51.49
 Oskarshamns AIK - Tvaakers IF1.8902.001.432.252.56
 Oskarshamns AIK - Tvaakers IF2.060.251.811.602.52.50
 Oskarshamns AIK - Tvaakers IF1.550.252.271.812.752.04
 Oskarshamns AIK - Tvaakers IF2.230.51.591.9731.74
 Oskarshamns AIK - Tvaakers IF2.580.751.432.203.251.57
 Taby FK - Motala AIF FK1.8202.041.512.52.34
 Taby FK - Motala AIF FK2.030.251.811.632.752.13
 Taby FK - Motala AIF FK1.590.252.221.8632.00
 Taby FK - Motala AIF FK2.210.51.582.043.251.69
 Taby FK - Motala AIF FK1.470.52.452.243.51.55
 Torns IF - Vanersborgs IF1.6902.171.612.52.24
 Torns IF - Vanersborgs IF1.540.252.441.822.752.02
 Torns IF - Vanersborgs IF2.030.251.892.0431.79
 Torns IF - Vanersborgs IF2.160.51.702.303.251.61
 Torns IF - Vanersborgs IF2.490.751.522.543.51.49
14:00 Sandvikens IF - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.480.752.481.532.752.34
 Sandvikens IF - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.8112.231.6732.10
 Sandvikens IF - FC Stockholm Internazionale1.851.251.981.933.251.91
 Sandvikens IF - FC Stockholm Internazionale2.011.51.752.093.51.68
 Sandvikens IF - FC Stockholm Internazionale2.271.751.572.343.751.52
Sunday 9 October 2022, UKT
10:00 Gefle IF - Orebro Syrianska IF1.490.752.411.552.752.25
 Gefle IF - Orebro Syrianska IF1.6312.161.7032.02
 Gefle IF - Orebro Syrianska IF1.901.252.031.993.251.89
 Gefle IF - Orebro Syrianska IF2.051.51.692.143.51.63
 Gefle IF - Orebro Syrianska IF2.321.751.532.403.751.48
13:00 IK Oddevold - Angelholms FF1.5212.331.562.52.23
 IK Oddevold - Angelholms FF1.751.251.971.822.752.02
 IK Oddevold - Angelholms FF2.041.51.911.9931.84
 IK Oddevold - Angelholms FF2.251.751.582.173.251.61
 IK Oddevold - Angelholms FF2.7021.402.403.51.49
12:00 Atvidabergs FF - FC Trollhattan2.6901.411.4022.72
 Atvidabergs FF - FC Trollhattan2.150.251.661.622.252.19
 Atvidabergs FF - FC Trollhattan1.900.51.971.932.51.94
 Atvidabergs FF - FC Trollhattan1.650.752.162.072.751.69
 Atvidabergs FF - FC Trollhattan1.4312.642.4431.49
 Pitea - Hammarby TFF1.9701.871.522.52.30
 Pitea - Hammarby TFF2.160.251.751.662.752.09
 Pitea - Hammarby TFF1.690.252.061.9031.97
 Pitea - Hammarby TFF1.540.
 Pitea - Hammarby TFF2.380.51.502.293.51.53