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Sunday 19 September 2021, UKT
Sweden, 1 Division (third division)
11:00 Orebro Syrianska IF - Pitea1.5402.501.3623.05
 Orebro Syrianska IF - Pitea1.400.252.911.602.252.35
 Orebro Syrianska IF - Pitea1.840.252.021.832.52.01
 Orebro Syrianska IF - Pitea2.110.51.752.032.751.79
 Orebro Syrianska IF - Pitea2.410.751.562.3631.57
14:00 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.2204.43---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.190.255.01---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.390.253.14---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.550.52.56---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.170.55.34---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.660.752.28---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.110.757.39---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.8312.09---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.06110.11---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK2.071.251.85---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.051.2510.59---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK2.301.51.60---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.051.58.11---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK2.621.751.46---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK1.021.758.11---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK3.2521.31---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-28.11---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-2.258.11---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK3.602.251.28---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK3.942.51.24---
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-2.758.
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK5.042.751.181.462.52.76
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK7.2731.111.582.752.32
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-38.111.7632.11
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK7.903.
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK8.
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-3.758.116.605.51.07
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK8.193.751.066.606.51.02
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK-48.116.607.5-
 Dalkurd FF - Sollentuna FK8.194-6.608.5-
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.2803.48---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.450.252.60---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.210.253.94---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.620.52.30---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.180.54.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.100.754.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.760.752.11---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF2.0011.92---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-14.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF2.201.251.68---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-1.254.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-1.54.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF2.411.51.55---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.841.751.19---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-1.754.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-24.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.842----
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.842.25----
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-2.254.40---
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.842.5----
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-2.54.401.020.57.20
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.842.75-
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-2.754.401.342.53.00
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-34.401.643.252.27
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.843-1.943.52.00
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.843.25-2.003.751.83
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-3.254.402.2841.62
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.843.5-2.524.251.50
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-3.54.402.984.51.32
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.843.75-
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-3.754.405.406.51.04
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF-44.405.407.51.01
 Hammarby TFF - Hudiksvalls FF1.844-5.408.5-
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC4.0001.26---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC4.580.251.21---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC2.860.251.44---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC2.350.51.61---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC5.160.51.19---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC7.080.751.12---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC2.110.751.76---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC11.8811.06---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.9012.02---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.801.251.06---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.621.252.30---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.491.52.56---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.611.51.05---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.611.751.02---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.351.753.06---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.2324.06---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.612----
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.212.254.55---
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.612.25----
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.612.5----
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.192.54.841.040.54.80
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.612.75-
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.132.756.491.452.252.65
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.0739.821.642.52.40
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.613-1.812.752.05
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.073.2510.412.0331.86
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.613.25-
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.073.510.422.503.51.55
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.613.5-
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.613.75-8.605.51.06
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC1.043.7510.786.806.51.02
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC-410.508.607.5-
 IFK Luleaa - Umea FC12.614-8.608.5-
15:00 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.08010.84---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.160.256.43---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.070.2511.67---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.240.54.70---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.060.512.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.260.754.18---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.030.7512.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.3013.65---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-112.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-1.2512.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.421.252.74---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-1.512.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.571.52.36---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-1.7512.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF1.791.752.14---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF2.0121.92---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-212.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-2.2512.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF2.142.251.71---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-2.512.00---
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF2.362.51.571.020.58.20
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-2.7512.
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF2.662.751.411.392.53.40
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-312.001.4732.59
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF3.2631.291.693.252.17
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF3.633.251.251.973.51.96
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-3.2512.002.093.751.74
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-3.512.002.4141.54
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF3.793.
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF4.923.751.
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-3.7512.0012.006.51.07
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF-412.0012.007.51.02
 Sandvikens IF - Assyriska FF4.8441.1112.508.5-
Monday 20 September 2021, UKT
17:00 FC Trollhattan - Utsiktens BK1.6202.261.502.252.47
 FC Trollhattan - Utsiktens BK1.910.251.891.692.52.10
 FC Trollhattan - Utsiktens BK1.460.252.601.882.751.90
 FC Trollhattan - Utsiktens BK2.170.51.672.1631.66
 FC Trollhattan - Utsiktens BK2.520.751.492.423.251.52