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Saturday 30 September 2023, UKT
Portugal, U19
10:00 Porto U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U191.521.52.291.432.752.52
 Porto U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U191.661.752.071.5532.27
 Porto U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U191.9221.941.773.251.97
 Porto U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U192.122.251.631.993.51.87
 Porto U19 - Vitoria Guimaraes U192.342.51.502.173.751.58
14:00 Alverca U19 - Academica Coimbra U191.4102.461.512.52.22
 Alverca U19 - Academica Coimbra U191.630.252.031.642.752.02
 Alverca U19 - Academica Coimbra U191.950.51.881.9331.88
 Alverca U19 - Academica Coimbra U192.070.751.602.053.251.62
 Alverca U19 - Academica Coimbra U192.4511.412.253.51.49
 Beira Mar U19 - SC Farense U191.8502.011.942.251.87
 Benfica U19 - Vitoria Setubal U191.491.252.371.5232.32
 Benfica U19 - Vitoria Setubal U191.671.52.071.723.251.99
 Benfica U19 - Vitoria Setubal U191.901.751.931.983.51.82
 Benfica U19 - Vitoria Setubal U192.0921.662.153.751.62
 Benfica U19 - Vitoria Setubal U192.322.251.512.5141.44
 Boavista U19 - Gil Vicente U192.0501.971.542.52.26
 Boavista U19 - Gil Vicente U191.810.252.011.682.752.06
 Boavista U19 - Gil Vicente U192.360.251.501.9231.88
 Boavista U19 - Gil Vicente U191.570.
 Boavista U19 - Gil Vicente U191.420.752.592.303.51.52
 Chaves U19 - Vizela U192.4001.481.542.52.27
 Chaves U19 - Vizela U191.990.251.721.672.752.07
 Chaves U19 - Vizela U191.810.52.011.8831.92
 Chaves U19 - Vizela U191.580.752.
 Chaves U19 - Vizela U191.3912.682.313.51.52
 Estoril U19 - Sporting U192.200.751.521.522.52.18
 Estoril U19 - Sporting U191.9511.681.662.751.98
 Estoril U19 - Sporting U191.801.252.021.9731.85
 Estoril U19 - Sporting U191.561.
 Estoril U19 - Sporting U191.411.752.462.313.51.47
 Lusitania Lourosa U19 - SC Braga U192.6111.401.512.752.31
 Lusitania Lourosa U19 - SC Braga U192.161.251.601.6632.06
 Lusitania Lourosa U19 - SC Braga U191.971.51.852.023.251.82
 Lusitania Lourosa U19 - SC Braga U191.811.752.
 Lusitania Lourosa U19 - SC Braga U191.5022.332.383.751.48
 Rio Ave U19 - Maritimo U191.440.252.371.442.252.38
 Rio Ave U19 - Maritimo U191.630.52.031.622.52.04
 Rio Ave U19 - Maritimo U191.910.751.921.872.751.95
 Rio Ave U19 - Maritimo U192.0811.602.0331.63
 Rio Ave U19 - Maritimo U192.341.251.452.263.251.49
 Uniao Torreense U19 - Academico Viseu U191.9901.921.7732.03
 Uniao Torreense U19 - Academico Viseu U19---
15:00 SC Lusitania U19 - OS Belenenses U191.8511.971.922.751.88