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Sunday 1 October 2023, UKT
Costa Rica, Primera Division
02:00 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano3.2101.37---
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano3.700.
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano2.420.251.591.572.252.43
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano4.
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano2.050.51.821.992.751.88
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano1.830.752.082.3131.63
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano1.5612.492.623.251.50
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano1.441.252.852.903.51.41
 Perez Zeledon - CS Herediano1.361.53.215.414.51.15
02:10 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose1.3003.57---
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose1.520.252.611.281.53.71
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose1.
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose1.760.52.161.652.252.26
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose1.950.751.991.902.51.95
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose2.3211.632.122.751.74
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose2.691.251.492.5331.53
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose3.041.51.393.153.51.36
 AD San Carlos - Sporting San Jose3.811.751.
17:00 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia1.290.253.69---
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia1.430.52.891.231.54.23
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia1.530.752.551.512.252.59
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia1.7012.201.702.52.18
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia1.981.251.871.882.752.00
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia2.251.51.672.1431.72
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia2.651.751.502.423.251.57
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia3.4021.332.683.51.47
 CS Cartagines - Municipal Grecia3.822.251.274.984.51.17
21:00 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense3.3801.31---
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense3.870.
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense2.550.251.521.462.252.68
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense2.130.51.711.642.52.24
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense1.910.751.941.822.752.03
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense1.6412.262.0431.76
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense1.501.252.592.313.251.60
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense1.401.52.902.573.51.49
 Municipal Liberia - Alajuelense1.291.753.564.564.51.19
00:00 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC1.8202.10---
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC2.100.251.821.311.53.47
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC1.560.252.501.4922.66
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC2.420.51.581.742.252.12
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC1.430.52.872.022.51.85
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC1.300.753.602.272.751.65
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC2.940.751.422.7831.45
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC4.0011.263.463.51.31
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas FC4.491.251.216.744.51.11
Monday 2 October 2023, UKT
00:00 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca1.310.53.42---
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca1.380.753.
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca1.5012.581.532.252.48
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca1.761.252.071.722.52.11
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca2.051.51.841.932.751.91
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca2.341.751.602.2131.66
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca2.9321.402.503.251.52
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca3.312.251.332.773.51.43
 Deportivo Saprissa - AD Guanacasteca3.692.