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Saturday 20 April 2024, UKT
Costa Rica, Primera Division
22:00 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia1.5102.63---
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia1.390.
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia1.810.252.071.4622.74
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia2.080.51.781.702.252.17
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia1.300.53.561.952.51.88
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia1.210.754.632.212.751.68
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia2.440.751.582.6731.49
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia3.1111.383.323.51.33
 Perez Zeledon - Municipal Grecia3.551.251.316.454.51.12
Sunday 21 April 2024, UKT
02:00 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa1.5102.61---
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa1.810.
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa1.390.253.091.4322.85
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa1.310.53.531.672.252.23
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa2.070.51.781.912.51.93
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa2.430.751.582.142.751.72
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa1.210.754.582.5731.52
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa3.0911.383.203.51.35
 LD Alajuelense - Deportivo Saprissa3.521.251.316.154.51.13
23:00 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano2.3901.60---
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano1.900.251.92---
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano2.870.251.441.361.53.17
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano3.330.51.341.451.752.79
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano1.670.52.261.5922.39
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano4.310.751.231.862.251.94
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano1.480.752.712.152.51.72
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano1.3013.622.492.751.55
 AD Guanacasteca - CS Herediano1.
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines1.6502.29---
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines1.490.252.701.231.54.15
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines1.990.251.921.562.252.47
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines1.380.53.101.762.52.08
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines2.260.51.671.942.751.85
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines2.680.751.492.2831.65
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines1.270.753.902.573.251.52
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines3.4711.322.853.51.43
 Municipal Liberia - CS Cartagines3.901.
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas1.8901.93---
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas1.610.252.31---
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas2.280.251.631.321.53.31
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas2.670.51.481.401.752.92
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas1.470.52.711.5222.50
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas3.290.751.331.792.252.02
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas1.320.753.342.052.51.76
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas4.6611.192.362.751.58
 Santos de Guapiles - Puntarenas1.1914.753.593.51.28