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Saturday 15 August 2020, UKT
Japan, J3 League
08:00 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.2205.19---
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.150.255.89---
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.310.253.25---
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.480.52.69---
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.130.56.60---
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.080.759.46---
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.680.752.331.060.513.50
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U231.8812.
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U232.201.251.721.3823.03
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U232.531.51.531.592.252.35
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U232.801.751.391.852.52.09
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U233.7821.252.052.751.85
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U234.
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U234.672.
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U236.262.751.
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U2310.2631.0714.505.51.04
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U2310.883.251.0736.006.51.01
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U2311.503.51.06130.007.5-
 Fujieda MYFC - Cerezo Osaka U23-3.751.04400.008.5-
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu2.1601.80---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.780.252.19---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu2.510.251.58---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.600.52.48---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu2.920.51.46---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.410.753.00---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu3.670.751.30---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu5.4211.15---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.2214.04---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.181.254.56---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.031.251.13---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.601.51.11---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.161.55.01---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.601.751.07---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.111.756.95---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.05211.84---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.672----
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.672.25----
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.052.2512.50---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.052.512.47---
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.672.5-1.100.510.50
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu1.022.7512.471.351.53.65
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.672.75-1.4822.63
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu-312.471.832.252.11
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.673-
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.673.25-2.272.751.63
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu-3.2512.472.8031.43
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu-3.512.473.753.51.32
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.673.5-
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.673.75-19.505.51.04
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu-3.7512.4750.006.51.01
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu6.674-200.007.5-
 SC Sagamihara - FC Gifu-412.47700.008.5-
09:00 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita4.7001.231.070.512.50
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita5.
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita2.900.251.401.321.53.65
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita5.980.51.161.381.753.00
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita2.430.51.621.4822.66
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita2.140.751.821.742.252.19
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita8.690.751.
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita-
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.8512.112.8031.48
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.641.252.302.853.251.40
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.511.52.603.403.51.35
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.381.753.143.803.751.25
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.2424.435.2541.16
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.212.254.965.754.251.14
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.192.55.487.004.51.13
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.132.757.5116.505.51.05
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.06312.9244.006.51.02
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.053.2513.64170.007.5-
 Kamatamare Sanuki - Blaublitz Akita1.053.514.35600.008.5-
10:00 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.7302.19---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.500.252.57---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC2.090.251.84---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.400.52.91---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC2.290.51.65---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC2.730.751.45---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.280.753.47---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC3.4211.29---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.1715.09---
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC3.851.
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.151.255.621.251.54.10
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC4.
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC5.701.751.151.932.751.95
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.091.759.292.2431.64
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC8.1021.082.553.251.50
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.042-2.883.51.47
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC8.332.251.085.804.51.17
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.042.25-12.505.51.02
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC9.792.51.0732.006.51.01
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC1.042.5-85.007.5-
 Gainare Tottori - Fukushima United FC11.452.751.05230.008.5-
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama2.0301.90---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.740.252.25---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama2.390.251.67---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.580.52.60---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama2.760.51.52---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.420.753.08---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama3.350.751.36---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama4.5711.21---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.2513.98---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama5.081.251.18---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.211.254.42---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.181.54.85---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama5.551.51.16---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama7.381.751.11---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.121.756.56---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.07210.43---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.0921.05---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.322.251.04---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.062.2511.10---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.652.51.04---
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.062.511.501.070.512.50
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.652.751.
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama1.032.7511.501.542.252.44
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.653-1.772.52.11
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama-311.501.972.751.97
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama-3.2511.502.3031.72
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.653.25-2.613.251.48
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.653.5-2.863.51.44
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama-3.511.505.404.51.12
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama-3.7511.509.805.51.06
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.653.75-9.806.51.03
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama11.654-9.807.51.01
 Kagoshima United - Kataller Toyama-411.509.808.5-
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.5402.62---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.420.253.03---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.870.252.07---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.340.53.47---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe2.170.51.79---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.230.754.49---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe2.440.751.57---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.1216.88---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe3.1411.36---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe3.621.251.29---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.111.257.54---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe4.101.51.24---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.101.58.20---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe5.441.751.17---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe1.061.758.24---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-28.20---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe8.6821.09---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-2.258.33---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe9.362.251.08---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe9.802.51.08---
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-2.58.331.080.59.80
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-2.758.331.321.53.50
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe10.002.751.051.4722.63
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe9.803-1.722.252.17
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-38.332.002.51.94
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe9.803.25-2.262.751.63
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-3.258.332.7931.42
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-3.58.333.353.51.33
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe9.803.5-
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-3.758.3313.505.51.02
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe9.803.75-
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe-48.3334.007.5-
 Roasso Kumamoto - Vanraure Hachinohe9.804-280.008.5-
Sunday 16 August 2020, UKT
06:00 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro2.3001.60-0.59.00
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro2.680.251.451.211.254.25
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.940.251.901.331.53.30
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro3.100.51.351.401.752.85
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.700.52.101.5022.50
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.530.752.431.752.252.05
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro3.700.751.
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro5.5011.152.252.751.63
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.3513.102.6831.45
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro5.751.
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.301.253.453.303.51.33
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.251.53.804.003.751.23
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro6.
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.181.754.805.904.251.13
 Grulla Morioka - Nagano Parceiro1.1027.006.404.51.12
07:00 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari2.7501.44---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari3.190.251.35---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari2.120.251.70---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari3.700.51.29---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.830.52.03---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari4.910.751.19---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.590.752.29---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari8.0611.09---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.3512.93---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari8.701.251.08---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.291.253.38---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.241.53.80---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.401.51.07---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.451.751.05---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.161.755.07---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.0928.15---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.452----
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.082.258.73---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.452.25----
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.452.5----
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.072.59.13---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.452.75----
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari1.052.759.33---
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.453-
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari-39.331.371.53.00
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.453.25-1.832.251.99
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari-3.259.332.082.51.74
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.453.5-3.703.51.28
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari-3.59.338.604.51.06
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari-3.759.338.605.51.02
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.453.75-8.606.5-
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari9.454-8.607.5-
 Azul Claro Numazu - FC Imabari-49.338.608.5-
08:00 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.6502.37---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.900.251.97---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.460.252.74---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U232.200.51.73---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.380.53.15---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U232.510.751.54---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.260.753.99---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U233.1011.35---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.1615.90---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.141.256.48---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U233.491.251.30---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.131.57.00---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U233.881.51.26---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U235.121.751.18---
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U231.071.757.001.010.511.00
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U237.9021.
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U238.
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U238.692.51.081.632.252.25
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U239.022.751.052.052.751.75
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-2.757.002.3531.58
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-37.002.603.251.48
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U238.713-2.963.51.40
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U238.713.25-3.453.751.30
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U238.713.5-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U238.713.75-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-3.757.005.806.5-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U238.714-13.007.5-
 Yokohama SCC - Gamba Osaka U23-47.0013.008.5-