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Sunday 28 May 2023, UKT
Japan, J3 League
02:00 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Kagoshima United1.7802.061.842.52.06
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - Kagoshima United2.060.251.832.002.751.82
03:00 FC Imabari - Gainare Tottori1.5002.51---
 FC Imabari - Gainare Tottori1.720.252.141.742.52.09
 FC Imabari - Gainare Tottori2.060.51.851.982.751.91
 Tegevajaro Miyazaki - Grulla Morioka2.0201.90---
 Tegevajaro Miyazaki - Grulla Morioka1.750.252.101.772.252.06
 Tegevajaro Miyazaki - Grulla Morioka1.530.52.442.052.51.81
04:00 Azul Claro Numazu - AC Nagano Parceiro1.9801.921.802.252.05
 Azul Claro Numazu - AC Nagano Parceiro2.250.251.642.052.51.81
 SC Sagamihara - FC Ryukyu2.190.251.721.852.252.02
 SC Sagamihara - FC Ryukyu1.840.
09:00 FC Gifu - Kataller Toyama1.8302.081.852.52.01
 FC Gifu - Kataller Toyama2.140.251.722.082.751.75
Saturday 3 June 2023, UKT
03:00 Fukushima United FC - YSCC Yokohama1.930.51.951.922.51.94
 Fukushima United FC - YSCC Yokohama2.210.751.702.192.751.70
04:00 Giravanz Kitakyushu - Ehime FC2.0901.791.922.51.94
 Giravanz Kitakyushu - Ehime FC1.780.
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - SC Sagamihara1.720.52.191.812.52.05
 Matsumoto Yamaga FC - SC Sagamihara1.930.751.952.042.751.82
05:00 Nara Club - Kagoshima United1.8002.081.922.51.94
 Nara Club - Kagoshima United2.110.251.782.192.751.70
08:00 Grulla Morioka - FC Imabari1.840.252.041.832.252.03
 Grulla Morioka - FC Imabari2.120.51.772.092.51.77
08:30 FC Ryukyu - Azul Claro Numazu1.840.52.041.922.51.94
 FC Ryukyu - Azul Claro Numazu2.110.751.782.192.751.70
Sunday 4 June 2023, UKT
03:00 FC Osaka - AC Nagano Parceiro2.2301.691.922.51.94
 FC Osaka - AC Nagano Parceiro1.880.
 Gainare Tottori - FC Gifu1.800.252.081.812.52.05
 Gainare Tottori - FC Gifu2.060.51.822.042.751.82
04:00 Kataller Toyama - Kamatamare Sanuki1.720.52.191.812.52.05
 Kataller Toyama - Kamatamare Sanuki1.930.751.952.042.751.82
 Vanraure Hachinohe FC - Tegevajaro Miyazaki1.8002.081.922.51.94
 Vanraure Hachinohe FC - Tegevajaro Miyazaki2.120.251.772.192.751.70