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Saturday 8 October 2022, UKT
England, National League North
13:00 Blyth Spartans - Banbury United2.4601.551.4322.75
 Blyth Spartans - Banbury United2.010.251.831.662.252.20
 Blyth Spartans - Banbury United2.840.251.411.902.51.92
 Blyth Spartans - Banbury United1.750.
 Blyth Spartans - Banbury United1.550.752.422.5231.50
 Boston United - Hereford FC1.5302.341.3922.67
 Boston United - Hereford FC1.880.251.961.622.252.16
 Boston United - Hereford FC1.390.252.721.882.51.93
 Boston United - Hereford FC2.090.51.672.052.751.68
 Boston United - Hereford FC2.430.751.482.4131.48
 Brackley Town - AFC Fylde1.8801.951.511.752.37
 Brackley Town - AFC Fylde2.220.251.621.7022.05
 Brackley Town - AFC Fylde1.580.
 Brackley Town - AFC Fylde2.550.51.462.282.51.58
 Brackley Town - AFC Fylde1.430.52.632.662.751.41
 Bradford Park Avenue - Curzon Ashton2.7801.391.4522.53
 Bradford Park Avenue - Curzon Ashton2.150.251.651.692.252.07
 Bradford Park Avenue - Curzon Ashton1.880.51.951.972.51.85
 Bradford Park Avenue - Curzon Ashton1.630.752.192.182.751.63
 Bradford Park Avenue - Curzon Ashton1.4112.692.6031.43
 Chester FC - Darlington1.6802.111.4122.62
 Chester FC - Darlington2.040.251.811.642.252.12
 Chester FC - Darlington1.490.252.451.912.51.91
 Chester FC - Darlington2.280.51.582.082.751.66
 Chester FC - Darlington2.680.751.422.4531.47
 Gloucester City - Southport FC1.8102.041.4222.58
 Gloucester City - Southport FC1.560.252.341.652.252.10
 Gloucester City - Southport FC2.090.251.691.932.51.89
 Gloucester City - Southport FC2.370.51.522.102.751.65
 Gloucester City - Southport FC1.430.52.652.4931.45
 Kidderminster Harriers - Farsley Celtic1.410.752.661.3922.69
 Kidderminster Harriers - Farsley Celtic1.5612.281.602.252.19
 Kidderminster Harriers - Farsley Celtic1.921.251.921.852.51.98
 Kidderminster Harriers - Farsley Celtic2.141.51.642.022.751.70
 Kidderminster Harriers - Farsley Celtic2.451.751.472.4131.48
 Kings Lynn FC - Chorley FC1.3802.971.4522.67
 Kings Lynn FC - Chorley FC1.630.252.291.692.252.16
 Kings Lynn FC - Chorley FC1.880.51.961.932.51.88
 Kings Lynn FC - Chorley FC2.130.751.722.182.751.68
 Kings Lynn FC - Chorley FC2.5911.482.6031.47
 Leamington - Alfreton Town1.7902.071.411.752.79
 Leamington - Alfreton Town2.120.251.721.5522.44
 Leamington - Alfreton Town1.560.252.441.812.252.02
 Leamington - Alfreton Town2.430.51.542.042.51.76
 Leamington - Alfreton Town1.420.52.792.332.751.57
 Peterborough Sports FC - AFC Telford United1.500.252.531.532.252.43
 Peterborough Sports FC - AFC Telford United1.710.52.141.742.52.08
 Peterborough Sports FC - AFC Telford United1.930.751.911.952.751.87
 Peterborough Sports FC - AFC Telford United2.2611.642.2731.63
 Peterborough Sports FC - AFC Telford United2.571.251.492.563.251.48
 Scarborough Athletic - Kettering Town1.4202.661.4822.45
 Scarborough Athletic - Kettering Town1.680.252.101.722.252.03
 Scarborough Athletic - Kettering Town1.980.51.852.002.51.83
 Scarborough Athletic - Kettering Town2.260.751.602.232.751.60
 Scarborough Athletic - Kettering Town2.8811.372.7131.40
 Spennymoor Town - Buxton FC1.4902.451.381.752.72
 Spennymoor Town - Buxton FC1.820.252.031.5122.39
 Spennymoor Town - Buxton FC1.360.252.841.802.252.04
 Spennymoor Town - Buxton FC2.030.51.711.982.51.73
 Spennymoor Town - Buxton FC2.350.751.512.252.751.55