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Tuesday 31 January 2023, UKT
England, Northern Premier League Premier Division
19:45 Belper Town - Hyde United FC4.3301.20---
 Belper Town - Hyde United FC2.450.51.461.442.252.49
 Belper Town - Hyde United FC2.210.751.581.672.52.15
 Belper Town - Hyde United FC2.0011.811.832.751.98
 Belper Town - Hyde United FC1.701.252.002.0231.69
 Belper Town - Hyde United FC1.551.
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity4.3301.20---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity2.850.251.31---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity4.750.251.11---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity2.330.51.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.400.51.09---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity1.680.751.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.400.751.04---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-11.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.401----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-1.251.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.401.25----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-1.51.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.401.5----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.401.75----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-1.751.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-21.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.402----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.402.25----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-2.251.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-2.51.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.402.5----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.402.75----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-2.751.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-31.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.403----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-3.251.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.403.25----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-3.51.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.403.5----
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-3.751.48---
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.403.75-1.732.52.08
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity5.404-1.932.751.88
 Liversedge - Gainsborough Trinity-41.4810.505.51.04
 South Shields - Marske United1.0707.501.020.54.10
 South Shields - Marske United1.4612.421.482.252.37
 South Shields - Marske United1.701.251.991.702.52.10
 South Shields - Marske United1.941.51.761.852.751.84
 South Shields - Marske United2.201.751.572.1331.61
 South Shields - Marske United2.6721.382.393.251.47
 South Shields - Marske United---2.903.51.41
 South Shields - Marske United---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough1.5702.51---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough1.790.252.08---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough1.350.252.77---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough1.290.53.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.020.51.85---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.250.751.63---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough1.150.753.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-13.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.7911.40---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-1.253.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.141.251.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.141.51.12---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-1.53.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.141.751.06---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-1.753.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-23.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.142----
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.142.25----
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-2.253.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.142.5----
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-2.53.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-2.753.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.142.75----
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.143----
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-33.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-3.253.15---
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.143.25----
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.143.5-1.4022.82
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.143.75-1.832.52.00
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-3.753.152.032.751.76
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough2.144-2.3931.53
 Stalybridge Celtic - Radcliffe Borough-43.1513.005.51.02