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Tuesday 29 September 2020, UKT
Jordan, Premier League
14:00 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.7802.36---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh2.010.251.88---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.540.252.78---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.430.53.20---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh2.320.51.67---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh2.770.751.47---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.300.753.93---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.1715.41---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh3.7311.27---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.151.255.99---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh4.261.251.22---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh4.801.51.19---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.131.56.57---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh1.081.756.85---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh6.471.751.14---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh10.5821.07---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-26.85---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh11.002.251.06---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-2.256.85---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh11.562.51.06---
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-2.56.851.080.512.50
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-2.756.851.301.53.75
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh12.092.751.041.4222.80
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh12.093-1.662.252.20
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-36.851.912.51.98
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-3.256.852.152.751.69
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh12.093.25-2.6031.48
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh12.093.5-
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-3.56.855.904.51.13
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh12.093.75-
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-3.756.8515.006.51.01
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh-46.85170.007.5-
 FC Maan - Al Sareeh12.094-180.008.5-
16:30 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon2.0901.851.030.510.00
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon2.470.251.541.301.53.40
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon1.790.252.071.4722.58
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon1.570.52.391.722.252.07
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon1.410.752.862.042.51.83
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon---2.252.751.61
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon---2.7731.40
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon---3.403.51.30
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon---6.804.51.11
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon---
 Al Hussein Irbid - Shabab Al Ordon---
Wednesday 30 September 2020, UKT
16:00 Al Ahli Amman - Al Aqaba1.8301.831.040.59.00
 Al Ahli Amman - Al Aqaba---1.331.53.25
 Al Ahli Amman - Al Aqaba---
 Al Ahli Amman - Al Aqaba---3.503.51.29
 Al Ahli Amman - Al Aqaba---6.504.51.10
 Al Ahli Amman - Al Aqaba---10.505.51.03