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Tuesday 5 December 2023, UKT
England, Isthiman League Premier Division
19:45 Bognor Regis Town - Cray Wanderers1.5602.241.562.52.21
 Bognor Regis Town - Cray Wanderers1.430.252.531.792.752.00
 Bognor Regis Town - Cray Wanderers1.840.251.971.9931.83
 Bognor Regis Town - Cray Wanderers2.000.51.702.173.251.60
 Bognor Regis Town - Cray Wanderers2.290.751.522.393.51.48
 Concord Rangers - Hornchurch2.6511.441.562.752.32
 Concord Rangers - Hornchurch2.171.251.921.7532.05
 Concord Rangers - Hornchurch1.911.51.892.013.251.81
 Concord Rangers - Hornchurch1.691.752.
 Concord Rangers - Hornchurch1.4922.512.573.751.47
 Horsham - Canvey Island1.5602.301.482.252.43
 Horsham - Canvey Island1.420.252.601.672.52.08
 Horsham - Canvey Island1.840.251.981.892.751.91
 Horsham - Canvey Island2.020.51.712.1331.65
 Horsham - Canvey Island2.320.751.522.383.251.50