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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
Croatia, Cup
14:00 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb - NK Osijek2.2301.681.381.752.88
 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb - NK Osijek2.500.251.491.5022.48
 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb - NK Osijek1.850.252.051.782.252.06
 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb - NK Osijek1.630.
 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb - NK Osijek2.860.51.392.312.751.59
 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb - NK Osijek1.440.752.672.7831.41
 NK Lokomotiva Zagreb - NK Osijek1.2713.493.113.251.34
17:00 Hajduk Split - NK Varazdin1.330.753.151.2823.44
 Hajduk Split - NK Varazdin1.4112.771.452.252.61
 Hajduk Split - NK Varazdin1.661.252.251.642.52.22
 Hajduk Split - NK Varazdin1.931.51.961.912.752.03
 Hajduk Split - NK Varazdin2.091.751.732.0931.77
 Hajduk Split - NK Varazdin2.4521.512.303.251.57
 Hajduk Split - NK Varazdin2.772.251.412.573.51.47
Wednesday 28 February 2024, UKT
14:00 NK Rudes - HNK Rijeka3.220.751.321.3023.30
 NK Rudes - HNK Rijeka2.8111.401.482.252.53
 NK Rudes - HNK Rijeka2.251.251.701.682.52.16
 NK Rudes - HNK Rijeka1.961.51.881.922.751.97
 NK Rudes - HNK Rijeka1.721.752.082.1231.69
 NK Rudes - HNK Rijeka1.5022.482.393.251.54
 NK Rudes - HNK Rijeka1.402.252.812.663.51.44
17:00 Dinamo Zagreb - HNK Gorica1.310.753.231.3223.18
 Dinamo Zagreb - HNK Gorica1.4012.791.512.252.47
 Dinamo Zagreb - HNK Gorica1.651.252.201.692.52.12
 Dinamo Zagreb - HNK Gorica1.931.51.921.902.751.92
 Dinamo Zagreb - HNK Gorica2.141.751.692.1931.66
 Dinamo Zagreb - HNK Gorica2.5721.472.463.251.51
 Dinamo Zagreb - HNK Gorica2.912.251.382.753.51.41