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Friday 1 December 2023, UKT
UAE, Gulf League
12:45 Ajman Club - Hatta1.3203.42---
 Ajman Club - Hatta1.510.252.611.211.54.42
 Ajman Club - Hatta1.270.253.881.492.252.65
 Ajman Club - Hatta1.790.52.201.762.52.22
 Ajman Club - Hatta2.040.751.941.952.751.99
 Ajman Club - Hatta2.2411.682.1231.74
 Ajman Club - Hatta2.581.251.532.423.251.58
 Ajman Club - Hatta2.901.51.422.703.51.47
 Ajman Club - Hatta3.581.751.304.894.51.18
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba2.7201.48---
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba2.190.251.78---
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba3.100.251.381.181.54.90
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba1.920.52.051.592.52.40
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba3.480.51.311.852.752.14
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba1.700.752.202.0831.88
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba1.4912.702.213.251.68
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba1.391.253.062.483.51.55
 Emirates Club - Al Ittihad Kalba1.321.53.434.284.51.22
15:30 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi2.5301.54---
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi2.910.251.42---
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi2.060.251.851.191.54.77
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi1.810.52.061.612.52.35
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi3.300.51.341.852.752.10
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi1.610.752.361.9931.85
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi1.4212.942.243.251.66
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi1.341.253.312.503.51.54
 Al Nasr SC Dubai - Al Wahda Abu Dhabi1.291.53.694.374.51.21
Saturday 2 December 2023, UKT
12:45 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh1.320.53.341.111.56.24
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh1.390.752.981.372.53.04
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh1.4912.631.5532.44
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh1.781.252.161.903.252.07
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh1.921.51.911.953.51.85
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh2.161.751.712.193.751.67
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh2.5921.502.5841.50
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh2.902.251.403.134.51.35
 Al Wasl - Al Bataeh3.222.51.345.555.51.14
15:30 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira2.7201.46---
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira2.200.251.76---
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira3.090.251.361.191.54.58
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira1.930.51.911.602.52.33
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira3.470.51.301.802.752.09
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira1.710.752.151.9531.86
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira1.5012.602.193.251.67
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira1.401.252.942.433.51.55
 Baniyas SC - Al Jazira1.331.