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Tuesday 21 May 2024, UKT
UAE, Gulf League
14:10 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club1.3103.15---
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club1.510.252.39---
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club1.240.253.621.141.54.80
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club1.780.52.081.502.52.40
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club2.020.751.891.642.752.25
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club2.3311.611.8432.03
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club2.521.251.472.083.251.76
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club2.791.51.382.223.51.58
 Al Nasr Dubai - Ajman Club3.391.751.273.744.51.22
17:00 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl6.6901.12---
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl3.350.51.331.131.56.03
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl2.970.751.411.422.52.88
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl2.5911.521.512.752.59
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl2.101.251.771.6432.28
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl1.881.52.021.883.252.04
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl1.671.752.
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl1.4722.762.373.751.61
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl1.382.253.093.414.51.32
 Al Ittihad Kalba - Al Wasl1.322.53.436.285.51.12
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC1.1505.68---
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC1.320.53.42---
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC1.390.753.
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC1.4812.721.543.252.35
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC1.701.252.231.763.52.10
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC1.931.51.981.943.751.96
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC2.121.751.772.1741.69
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC2.4921.562.364.251.53
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC2.792.251.452.594.51.45
 Shabab Al Ahli Dubai - Baniyas SC3.092.51.384.235.51.19
Friday 24 May 2024, UKT
14:15 Hatta - Al Jazira3.350.51.32---
 Hatta - Al Jazira3.010.751.381.292.53.49
 Hatta - Al Jazira2.6811.471.603.252.31
 Hatta - Al Jazira2.201.251.671.783.52.04
 Hatta - Al Jazira1.971.51.881.973.751.86
 Hatta - Al Jazira1.761.752.102.2641.64
 Hatta - Al Jazira1.5422.482.524.251.52
 Hatta - Al Jazira1.432.252.782.774.51.43
 Hatta - Al Jazira1.372.53.084.735.51.18
17:00 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan1.280.253.681.111.56.35
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan1.390.52.981.362.53.04
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan1.470.752.671.5532.44
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan1.6012.341.753.252.07
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan1.851.251.991.963.51.85
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan2.061.51.772.193.751.67
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan2.361.751.592.5941.49
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan2.8621.413.154.51.34
 Al Wahda Abu Dhabi - Khor Fakkan3.202.251.345.585.51.14