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Sunday 19 January 2020, UKT
El Salvador El Salvador, Premier League
21:15 Independiente FC - Once Municipal1.6202.25---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal1.470.252.62---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal1.880.251.91---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal1.380.53.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.160.51.71---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal1.190.753.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.160.751.35---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-13.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.161----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.161.25----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-1.253.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-1.53.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.161.5----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.161.75----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-1.753.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.162----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-23.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.162.25----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-2.253.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.162.5----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-2.53.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-2.753.00---
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.162.75----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.163----
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.163.25-
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.163.5-2.963.51.38
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.163.75-11.505.51.02
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-3.753.0011.506.51.01
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal2.164-5.707.5-
 Independiente FC - Once Municipal-43.005.708.5-
22:00 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas1.7302.10---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas1.530.252.50---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.050.251.78---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.400.51.60---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas1.420.52.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas1.210.752.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.400.751.30---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.401----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-12.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-1.252.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.401.25----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-1.52.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.401.5----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-1.752.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.401.75----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.402----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-22.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-2.252.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.402.25----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-2.52.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.402.5----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-2.752.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.402.75----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.403----
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-32.90---
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.403.25-
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-3.252.901.281.53.35
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-3.52.902.002.51.82
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.403.5-3.553.51.28
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-3.752.907.205.51.01
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.403.75-3.556.5-
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas2.404-7.207.5-
 Municipal Limeno - CD Fas-42.907.208.5-