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Wednesday 29 November 2023, UKT
El Salvador, Premier League
18:00 CD Dragon - CD FAS1.4002.831.3822.91
 CD Dragon - CD FAS1.680.252.181.612.252.28
 CD Dragon - CD FAS2.020.51.941.872.52.00
 CD Dragon - CD FAS2.220.751.652.042.751.75
 CD Dragon - CD FAS2.7211.432.3731.54
Thursday 30 November 2023, UKT
21:15 Jocoro FC - CD Luis Angel Firpo2.0101.841.421.752.78
 Jocoro FC - CD Luis Angel Firpo1.680.252.191.5622.41
 Jocoro FC - CD Luis Angel Firpo2.390.251.581.852.251.97
 Jocoro FC - CD Luis Angel Firpo2.750.51.432.112.51.72
 Jocoro FC - CD Luis Angel Firpo1.500.52.532.412.751.54
00:00 Alianza FC - Fuerte San Francisco1.480.252.601.5222.47
 Alianza FC - Fuerte San Francisco1.700.52.161.772.252.04
 Alianza FC - Fuerte San Francisco1.920.752.
 Alianza FC - Fuerte San Francisco2.2611.642.292.751.61
 Alianza FC - Fuerte San Francisco2.581.251.482.7631.42
Friday 1 December 2023, UKT
01:30 AD Isidro Metapan - CD Aguila2.2501.581.411.752.60
 AD Isidro Metapan - CD Aguila2.650.251.411.5622.26
 AD Isidro Metapan - CD Aguila1.890.251.962.002.251.93
 AD Isidro Metapan - CD Aguila1.600.
 AD Isidro Metapan - CD Aguila1.430.752.582.402.751.49