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Wednesday 28 July 2021, UKT
Brazil, Campeonato Carioca
18:00 America RJ - Artsul FC1.4402.591.481.52.44
 America RJ - Artsul FC1.780.251.971.651.752.13
 America RJ - Artsul FC1.310.253.091.9321.81
 America RJ - Artsul FC2.080.51.672.282.251.56
 America RJ - Artsul FC2.530.751.452.602.51.42
 Angra dos Reis - Goncalense2.0701.681.381.752.76
 Angra dos Reis - Goncalense2.420.251.491.5222.39
 Angra dos Reis - Goncalense1.760.252.001.792.251.95
 Angra dos Reis - Goncalense1.560.
 Angra dos Reis - Goncalense1.390.752.732.372.751.51
 Audax Rio - Cabofriense1.400.252.691.4722.46
 Audax Rio - Cabofriense1.630.52.161.702.252.04
 Audax Rio - Cabofriense1.890.751.851.932.51.81
 Audax Rio - Cabofriense2.4011.512.232.751.59
 Audax Rio - Cabofriense2.871.251.352.7731.38
 Sampaio Correa RJ - Friburguense1.3802.751.441.752.54
 Sampaio Correa RJ - Friburguense1.680.252.071.6122.18
 Sampaio Correa RJ - Friburguense1.990.51.761.922.251.83
 Sampaio Correa RJ - Friburguense2.360.751.532.192.51.61
 Sampaio Correa RJ - Friburguense3.1411.302.562.751.43