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Sunday 12 July 2020, UKT
Belarus Belarus, Division 2
11:30 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.4902.67---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.800.252.09---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.380.253.01---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.320.53.45---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon2.000.51.83---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon2.310.751.59---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.210.754.50---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.1115.65---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon2.9011.38---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.091.255.59---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon3.331.251.30---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon3.671.51.24---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.081.55.95---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.841.751.18---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon1.051.756.70---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.9621.09---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-26.70---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.962.251.08---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-2.256.70---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-2.56.70---
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.962.
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.962.751.
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-2.756.701.3922.78
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.963-1.642.252.17
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-36.701.932.52.06
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-3.256.702.132.751.71
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.963.25-2.5431.47
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.963.5-2.963.51.34
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-3.56.705.904.51.06
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.963.75-13.505.51.01
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-3.756.7013.506.51.01
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon4.964-12.507.5-
 Krumkachy Minsk - FC Smorgon-46.7011.508.5-
13:30 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.1406.30---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.270.254.05---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.130.257.05---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.400.53.12---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.110.57.80---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.070.7511.15---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.480.752.74---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.02112.75---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.7312.36---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.021.2513.12---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim2.041.251.94---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim2.201.51.72---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.021.513.48---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim1.011.7513.48---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim2.561.751.54---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim3.1221.36---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-213.48---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim3.542.251.30---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-2.2513.48---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim3.942.51.26---
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-2.513.481.070.514.50
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-2.7513.481.281.53.95
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim5.172.751.181.542.252.41
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim8.0431.101.812.52.08
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-313.481.992.751.83
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim8.733.251.102.3131.59
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-3.2513.482.643.251.46
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-3.513.482.943.51.42
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim9.
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-3.7513.4812.505.51.03
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim9.323.751.0612.506.51.03
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim9.174-18.007.5-
 FK Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FC Slonim-413.4818.008.5-
15:00 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.1306.80---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.110.257.04---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.210.254.48---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.300.53.56---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.100.57.60---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.070.7511.02---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.350.753.24---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.03110.09---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.4112.92---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.021.257.60---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.591.252.46---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.871.52.17---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.021.510.09---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany1.011.7510.09---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany2.011.751.88---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-210.09---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany2.3121.61---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-2.2510.09---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany2.672.251.49---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-2.510.09---
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany2.982.51.371.010.522.00
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-2.7510.
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany3.632.751.281.462.52.84
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-310.091.472.752.58
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany4.8631.191.7232.27
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-3.2510.091.973.251.94
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany5.333.
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-3.510.092.373.751.56
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany5.543.51.153.604.51.28
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany7.623.751.116.605.51.04
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-3.7510.096.606.5-
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany-410.0936.007.5-
 Lokomotiv Gomel - FC Oshmyany7.2541.0670.008.5-