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Wednesday 18 September 2019, UKT
Australia Australia, FFA Cup
09:30 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.2204.51---
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.350.253.17-0.521.00
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.500.52.601.151.755.50
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.160.55.751.1725.00
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.600.752.311.302.253.45
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.110.757.701.432.52.89
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.06113.351.532.752.59
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.8312.081.6532.28
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras2.161.251.781.893.251.99
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.051.2514.
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras2.311.51.632.353.751.58
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras1.051.514.842.7541.43
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras2.601.751.483.104.251.35
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras3.2721.353.504.51.33
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras3.632.251.304.004.751.23
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras4.302.51.255.5051.15
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras5.082.751.185.755.251.14
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras7.4131.125.505.51.13
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras7.913.
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras8.413.51.1013.007.51.01
 Brisbane Strikers - Moreland Zebras11.613.751.071.018.5-
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.6202.29-0.519.00
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.890.
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.480.252.641.181.754.65
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers2.120.51.801.2124.25
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.400.52.981.352.253.10
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers2.440.751.551.502.52.58
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.280.753.551.632.752.31
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers2.8511.401.8132.07
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.1814.802.073.251.81
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers3.301.251.332.273.51.62
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers3.681.51.283.1041.35
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers1.141.56.393.454.251.30
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers4.401.751.203.904.51.26
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers6.4021.124.504.751.19
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers6.802.251.116.2551.12
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers---6.605.251.11
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers---6.505.51.10
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers---
 Melbourne City - Western Sydney Wanderers---