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Tuesday 31 January 2023, UKT
Iraq, Premier League
11:00 Al Kahrabaa - Naft Maysan1.5002.641.461.252.47
 Al Kahrabaa - Naft Maysan1.790.251.941.681.52.05
 Al Kahrabaa - Naft Maysan1.
 Al Kahrabaa - Naft Maysan2.120.51.642.3321.53
 Al Kahrabaa - Naft Maysan2.580.751.422.682.251.39
 Al Kahrabaa - Naft Maysan---2.882.51.40
11:30 Al Sinaah - Naft Al Wasat2.2501.611.401.252.66
 Al Sinaah - Naft Al Wasat2.630.251.401.601.52.18
 Al Sinaah - Naft Al Wasat1.740.252.001.801.752.00
 Al Sinaah - Naft Al Wasat1.520.52.352.1221.64
 Al Sinaah - Naft Al Wasat1.350.752.862.442.251.47
 Al Sinaah - Naft Al Wasat---2.882.51.40
16:30 Al Zawraa - Al Quwa Al Jawiya1.8001.971.481.252.40
 Al Zawraa - Al Quwa Al Jawiya1.460.252.511.701.52.03
 Al Zawraa - Al Quwa Al Jawiya2.260.251.561.951.751.78
 Al Zawraa - Al Quwa Al Jawiya2.710.51.382.4121.50
 Al Zawraa - Al Quwa Al Jawiya1.320.53.002.782.251.37
 Al Zawraa - Al Quwa Al Jawiya---3.402.51.33
Wednesday 1 February 2023, UKT
11:30 Al Karkh - Erbil1.3202.771.381.252.57
 Al Karkh - Erbil1.620.252.051.581.52.11
 Al Karkh - Erbil1.950.51.781.821.751.91
 Al Karkh - Erbil2.240.751.512.1021.58
 Al Karkh - Erbil2.9411.292.422.251.43