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Wednesday 23 June 2021, UKT
Denmark, Danmarksserien
17:00 Aarhus Fremad II - Varde IF1.9101.911.4832.56
 Aarhus Fremad II - Varde IF2.150.251.691.683.252.17
 Aarhus Fremad II - Varde IF1.680.252.161.883.51.93
 Aarhus Fremad II - Varde IF1.540.52.392.093.751.72
 Aarhus Fremad II - Varde IF2.390.51.552.4541.52
 Herning Fremad - B 19132.1201.711.4532.64
 Herning Fremad - B 19131.860.251.951.653.252.22
 Herning Fremad - B 19132.390.251.551.853.51.97
 Herning Fremad - B 19131.680.
 Herning Fremad - B 19131.510.752.472.3541.56
 Ishoej IF - Allerod FK1.4902.541.5432.41
 Ishoej IF - Allerod FK1.710.252.121.753.252.05
 Ishoej IF - Allerod FK1.940.51.881.983.51.85
 Ishoej IF - Allerod FK2.160.751.682.213.751.65
 Ishoej IF - Allerod FK2.5211.502.6041.47
 Skjold IF Saeby - Horsens FS2.0501.751.4632.63
 Skjold IF Saeby - Horsens FS2.340.251.561.653.252.21
 Skjold IF Saeby - Horsens FS1.790.252.041.853.51.97
 Skjold IF Saeby - Horsens FS1.620.
 Skjold IF Saeby - Horsens FS1.450.752.642.3841.55
 Taastrup FC - BSF1.9601.851.442.252.68
 Taastrup FC - BSF1.680.252.171.642.52.24
 Taastrup FC - BSF2.290.251.611.812.752.01
 Taastrup FC - BSF2.610.51.472.0631.75
 Taastrup FC - BSF1.520.52.472.333.251.57
 Tjorring - Viby IF2.310.51.581.5032.52
 Tjorring - Viby IF2.080.751.741.703.252.13
 Tjorring - Viby IF1.8511.981.913.51.91
 Tjorring - Viby IF1.651.
 Tjorring - Viby IF1.511.52.472.4841.51