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Friday 19 April 2024, UKT
Uruguay, Primera Division
16:30 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.4702.82---
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.350.253.33-0.59.29
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.810.252.151.381.53.13
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.280.53.851.481.752.77
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro2.070.51.851.6222.37
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro2.410.751.621.912.251.96
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro3.1411.402.172.51.74
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro3.601.251.322.532.751.56
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro4.
21:00 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo1.9201.99---
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo1.620.252.40-0.59.63
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo2.290.251.681.341.53.36
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo1.470.52.821.431.752.96
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo2.690.51.511.6022.52
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo1.330.753.521.862.252.04
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo3.320.751.362.122.51.77
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo1.1915.122.452.751.58
 Defensor Sporting - Liverpool Montevideo4.7411.213.803.51.28
Saturday 20 April 2024, UKT
13:00 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC1.5802.50---
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC1.950.251.94---
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC1.410.
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC2.310.51.671.551.52.54
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC1.310.53.611.711.752.20
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC2.820.751.472.0221.93
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC1.210.754.832.382.251.64
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC3.9411.282.752.51.48
 Danubio - Cerro Largo FC4.511.251.235.563.51.16
18:00 CA Boston River - Penarol3.0801.41---
 CA Boston River - Penarol3.630.251.31---
 CA Boston River - Penarol2.280.251.691.401.53.03
 CA Boston River - Penarol4.
 CA Boston River - Penarol1.930.51.971.6722.27
 CA Boston River - Penarol1.690.752.271.972.251.90
 CA Boston River - Penarol1.4512.892.252.51.68
 CA Boston River - Penarol1.361.253.322.652.751.51
 CA Boston River - Penarol1.291.53.774.183.51.24
21:00 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.270.53.96---
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.330.753.481.311.53.58
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.4313.001.4722.77
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.691.252.301.702.252.21
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.931.51.961.942.51.93
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors2.201.751.722.202.751.71
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors2.7321.502.6831.50
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors3.122.251.393.373.51.34
 Nacional Montevideo - Rampla Juniors3.522.51.336.844.51.12
23:30 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones1.5302.63---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones1.390.253.17---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones1.850.252.051.401.53.02
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones2.160.51.751.511.752.65
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones1.310.53.671.6822.26
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones1.200.754.871.982.251.88
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones2.570.751.552.272.51.67
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones3.4111.342.672.751.51
 Deportivo Maldonado - Miramar Misiones3.911.
Sunday 21 April 2024, UKT
16:00 Atletico Fenix Montevideo - Montevideo Wanderers1.7502.031.7721.99
 Atletico Fenix Montevideo - Montevideo Wanderers2.080.251.702.072.251.69
18:30 CA River Plate (URU) - CA Progreso1.8601.921.6822.08
 CA River Plate (URU) - CA Progreso2.170.251.631.992.251.77