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Friday 2 June 2023, UKT
Uruguay, Primera Division
17:00 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo1.3403.33---
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo1.270.253.861.301.53.51
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo1.560.252.471.4722.71
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo1.790.52.061.712.252.16
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo2.040.751.821.952.51.88
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo2.4811.562.222.751.68
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo2.871.251.442.6931.48
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo3.231.51.353.363.51.32
 Liverpool Montevideo - Racing Club Montevideo4.091.751.256.594.51.11
22:00 La Luz FC - Penarol3.8801.25---
 La Luz FC - Penarol4.420.
 La Luz FC - Penarol2.770.251.441.4422.74
 La Luz FC - Penarol2.260.51.631.662.252.18
 La Luz FC - Penarol2.020.751.841.922.51.92
 La Luz FC - Penarol1.6912.142.132.751.69
 La Luz FC - Penarol1.531.252.492.5631.49
 La Luz FC - Penarol1.411.52.823.193.51.33
 La Luz FC - Penarol1.291.753.486.094.51.11
Saturday 3 June 2023, UKT
17:00 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football4.2701.23---
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football2.950.251.421.321.53.36
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football4.880.251.191.5222.58
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football2.370.51.611.762.252.08
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football2.080.751.792.022.51.83
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football1.7712.092.292.751.64
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football1.571.252.452.8131.45
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football1.451.52.783.473.51.31
 CA Cerro - Club Nacional de Football1.321.753.446.954.51.11
19:30 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC2.1001.78---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC1.710.252.17---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC2.550.251.53---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC3.010.51.411.441.52.83
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC1.530.52.571.561.752.46
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC3.830.751.271.7822.09
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC1.360.753.
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC5.8411.152.412.51.58
 Montevideo Wanderers - Danubio FC1.2114.574.563.51.20