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Thursday 7 December 2023, UKT
Uruguay, Primera Division
20:00 Defensor Sporting - Danubio1.3503.28---
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio1.270.253.83---
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio1.600.252.391.381.53.06
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio1.220.54.381.471.752.71
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio1.870.52.001.6222.33
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio2.120.751.761.912.251.94
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio2.6311.512.162.51.71
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio3.031.251.392.502.751.54
 Defensor Sporting - Danubio3.441.51.323.833.51.26
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo2.1201.81---
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.720.
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo2.570.251.551.431.52.90
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo3.040.51.421.561.752.53
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.530.52.641.7522.17
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.360.753.
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo3.880.751.282.392.51.61
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo5.9311.152.832.751.46
 La Luz FC - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.2114.754.463.51.22
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque1.2903.84---
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque1.240.254.391.241.54.17
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque1.480.252.801.562.252.52
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque1.670.52.301.762.52.13
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque1.850.752.081.992.751.91
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque2.1711.752.2831.67
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque2.511.251.572.593.251.53
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque2.841.51.462.883.51.44
 Nacional Montevideo - Montevideo City Torque3.491.751.335.454.51.16
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.6502.33---
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.460.252.85---
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro2.040.251.851.100.57.44
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.350.53.351.471.52.80
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro2.400.51.661.601.752.42
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro1.230.754.401.8422.03
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro2.940.751.442.162.251.74
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro4.0911.262.492.51.57
 Racing Club Montevideo - CA Cerro4.641.251.224.813.51.20
Friday 8 December 2023, UKT
20:00 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River2.0801.83---
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River2.460.251.601.281.53.81
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River1.750.252.161.4322.96
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River1.570.52.501.652.252.32
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River2.840.51.471.882.52.07
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River3.520.751.332.082.751.85
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River1.410.753.022.4431.59
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River5.0111.
 Plaza Colonia - CA Boston River1.2614.105.594.51.16