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Thursday 17 October 2019, UKT
Uruguay Uruguay, Primera Division
19:00 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.1605.25-0.517.00
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.300.253.451.111.256.80
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.140.255.751.191.54.74
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.430.
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.530.752.681.402.252.85
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors1.6812.261.582.52.44
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors2.011.251.871.712.752.16
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors2.301.51.651.9631.90
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors2.621.751.512.253.251.68
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors3.3021.332.543.51.55
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors3.552.251.282.753.751.43
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors3.902.51.283.4541.30
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors5.002.751.173.804.251.25
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors7.0031.104.584.51.22
 Liverpool Montevideo - Rampla Juniors7.
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol3.4101.33---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol2.580.251.54---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol3.950.251.27---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol4.500.51.23---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol2.160.51.75---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol6.100.751.15---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.950.751.98---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.6112.23---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol10.3911.07---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.201.251.07---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.471.252.53---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.391.52.82---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.741.51.06---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.281.753.49---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.961.751.04---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.1824.87---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.852----
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.162.255.35---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.852.25----
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.852.5----
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.142.55.83---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.102.757.94---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.852.75----
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.853----
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.05313.14---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.053.2513.99---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.853.25----
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.053.514.17---
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.853.5--0.515.00
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.853.75-1.652.52.20
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol1.023.7514.171.842.752.03
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol-414.172.683.51.48
 Racing Club Montevideo - Penarol11.854-
22:30 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting2.2301.76---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting2.620.251.57---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.860.252.05---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.650.52.35---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting3.010.51.45---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting3.590.751.33---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.460.752.79---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.2813.71---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting5.0111.19---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting5.571.251.16---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.241.254.18---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting6.671.51.14---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.211.54.65---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.411.751.10---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.141.756.27---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.08210.00---
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting14.4621.051.040.513.00
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.812.
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.072.2510.761.251.54.21
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.072.511.021.301.753.45
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.892.51.041.3823.00
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting1.042.7511.241.582.252.54
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.892.751.021.812.52.20
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.893-2.002.751.94
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting-311.022.3031.64
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.893.25-2.603.251.50
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting-3.2511.022.933.51.40
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.893.5-3.453.751.30
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting-3.511.024.6541.18
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting-3.7511.
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.893.75-
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting8.894-
 Montevideo Wanderers - Defensor Sporting-411.0221.006.51.02