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Friday 7 October 2022, UKT
Uruguay, Primera Division
18:00 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo1.6502.28---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo1.480.252.79---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo2.060.251.84---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo2.400.51.60---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo1.380.53.27---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo1.250.754.27---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.000.751.43---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo1.1316.00---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo4.3811.25---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo5.011.251.20---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo1.111.256.60---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo5.001.51.17---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-1.52.86---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo6.601.751.11---
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-1.752.861.110.58.00
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-22.861.120.756.40
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.792-1.1415.75
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.792.25-1.301.253.45
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-2.252.861.501.52.80
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-2.52.861.641.752.29
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.792.5-1.8921.98
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-2.752.862.192.251.69
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.792.75-2.512.51.58
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-32.863.002.751.38
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.793-3.9031.24
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.793.25-4.403.251.20
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-3.252.865.003.51.18
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-3.52.866.403.751.12
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.793.5-
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-3.752.8626.005.51.01
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.793.75-
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo3.794-26.007.5-
 Deportivo Maldonado - Cerro Largo-42.8626.008.5-
22:15 Cerrito - Albion FC2.6501.531.070.59.00
 Cerrito - Albion FC2.080.251.831.1116.80
 Cerrito - Albion FC3.160.251.391.241.253.90
 Cerrito - Albion FC3.640.51.311.421.53.00
 Cerrito - Albion FC1.780.52.121.521.752.62
 Cerrito - Albion FC4.850.751.201.6822.25
 Cerrito - Albion FC1.570.752.521.972.251.90
 Cerrito - Albion FC1.3513.352.242.51.69
 Cerrito - Albion FC7.0011.102.642.751.52
 Cerrito - Albion FC1.281.253.863.3031.33
 Cerrito - Albion FC1.
 Cerrito - Albion FC1.151.755.504.223.51.24
 Cerrito - Albion FC---5.003.751.17
 Cerrito - Albion FC---
 Cerrito - Albion FC---
 Cerrito - Albion FC---
Saturday 8 October 2022, UKT
13:00 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo3.1101.391.070.59.00
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo2.310.251.641.221.254.15
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo3.640.251.301.361.53.25
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.950.51.901.451.752.79
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo4.
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.700.752.191.852.252.00
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo5.250.751.
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.4712.772.442.751.57
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.361.253.193.0031.38
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.301.53.623.453.251.30
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.201.754.403.783.51.27
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.1126.604.503.751.19
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo1.
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo---
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo---
 CA Rentistas - River Plate Montevideo---
18:00 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.4003.
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.700.
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.300.253.641.1715.00
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo2.020.51.841.561.52.45
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo2.410.751.591.731.752.13
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo1.150.755.502.0321.83
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo3.2911.352.362.251.60
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo3.821.251.282.742.51.50
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo4.361.51.233.302.751.33
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo5.501.751.154.4031.20
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo---4.803.251.18
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo---5.513.51.15
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo---7.003.751.10
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo---
 Danubio - Atletico Fenix Montevideo---
21:30 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting1.2004.801.060.510.00
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting1.380.
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting1.
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting1.540.52.531.381.753.00
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting1.140.55.751.5422.60
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting1.710.752.171.782.252.08
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting2.0511.852.102.51.85
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting2.451.251.632.332.751.63
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting2.851.51.502.9331.45
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting3.511.751.353.003.251.38
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting4.9221.233.673.51.30
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting4.502.
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting5.
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting6.602.751.
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting---
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting---
 Nacional Montevideo - Defensor Sporting---
Sunday 9 October 2022, UKT
13:00 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.6402.311.060.59.50
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.950.251.901.211.254.25
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.480.252.741.341.53.25
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.370.53.141.431.752.88
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers2.250.51.671.5522.48
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.260.754.001.832.252.03
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers2.700.751.492.072.51.78
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.1315.902.402.751.58
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers3.6011.302.8531.40
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers4.
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.121.256.403.763.51.27
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers1.111.56.804.503.751.19
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers4.
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers5.751.751.
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers---
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers---
 Montevideo City Torque - Montevideo Wanderers---
18:00 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River1.4602.781.070.59.00
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River1.350.
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River1.750.252.121.381.53.05
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River1.300.53.811.481.752.69
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River2.050.51.821.6322.31
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River1.190.754.501.922.251.95
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River2.400.751.602.182.51.70
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River3.1411.382.562.751.53
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River3.601.251.303.1031.35
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River4.
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River5.001.751.
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River---4.803.751.18
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River---7.0041.10
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River---
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River---
 Liverpool Montevideo - CA Boston River---
21:30 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia1.1406.
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia1.290.253.691.431.53.00
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia1.450.52.841.541.752.51
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia1.600.752.401.7122.17
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia1.8911.961.992.251.98
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia2.311.251.642.252.51.70
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia2.741.51.472.682.751.48
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia3.371.751.334.393.51.25
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia4.7521.
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia---
 Penarol Montevideo - Plaza Colonia---