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Tuesday 31 January 2023, UKT
Wales, Cymru Premier League
19:45 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay2.7501.401.030.510.00
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay3.300.251.331.191.254.50
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay2.400.251.631.301.53.40
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay3.700.51.261.381.753.00
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay2.030.51.831.4822.60
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay4.800.751.181.752.252.08
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.850.752.
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.5512.602.212.751.65
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.411.253.002.6831.45
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.301.53.453.003.251.38
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.221.754.153.403.51.30
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.1326.004.103.751.23
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.112.256.605.7541.14
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay1.
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay---6.504.51.10
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay---
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay---
 Haverfordwest County - Connahs Quay---
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.1106.001.020.512.00
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.190.254.501.151.755.50
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.260.53.701.1824.65
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.300.753.451.302.253.45
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.3813.001.442.52.70
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.551.252.451.532.752.50
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.731.52.141.6832.23
 The New Saints - Bala Town1.961.751.931.953.251.93
 The New Saints - Bala Town2.1521.692.103.51.72
 The New Saints - Bala Town2.382.251.552.383.751.56
 The New Saints - Bala Town2.682.51.452.8541.40
 The New Saints - Bala Town3.102.751.353.104.251.35
 The New Saints - Bala Town4.0031.233.504.51.29
 The New Saints - Bala Town4.403.
 The New Saints - Bala Town4.653.51.185.7551.14
 The New Saints - Bala Town6.003.751.135.905.251.13
 The New Saints - Bala Town---
 The New Saints - Bala Town---
 The New Saints - Bala Town---
 The New Saints - Bala Town---