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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
Spain, Copa del Rey
20:30 Real Sociedad - Mallorca1.1905.
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca1.
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca1.400.253.171.571.52.51
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca1.630.52.471.741.752.19
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca1.830.752.152.0421.89
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca2.2111.792.382.251.64
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca2.611.251.592.732.51.49
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca3.001.51.453.332.751.33
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca3.821.751.294.3331.20
 Real Sociedad - Mallorca---5.533.51.16
Thursday 29 February 2024, UKT
20:30 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid1.7902.20---
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid1.600.252.65---
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid2.160.251.831.371.53.17
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid1.400.53.091.491.752.78
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid2.440.51.611.6822.37
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid2.970.751.431.992.251.95
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid1.270.753.952.262.51.71
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid4.0711.262.562.751.54
 Athletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid4.591.251.223.973.51.26