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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
Saudi Arabia, Division 1
12:55 Al Bukayriyah - Al Taraji1.570.252.331.7122.09
 Al Bukayriyah - Al Taraji1.820.
 Al Bukayriyah - Al Taraji2.080.751.842.282.51.58
 Al Qaisoma - Al Adalah2.130.51.701.712.252.09
 Al Qaisoma - Al Adalah1.930.751.932.022.51.86
 Al Qaisoma - Al Adalah1.6012.282.212.751.62
15:15 Al-Qadisiyah - Al Faisaly Harmah1.780.52.091.7722.03
 Al-Qadisiyah - Al Faisaly Harmah2.020.751.882.072.251.78
 Al-Qadisiyah - Al Faisaly Harmah2.3811.542.332.51.55
Wednesday 28 February 2024, UKT
13:00 AL Najma - AL Jandal1.4802.441.371.52.74
 AL Najma - AL Jandal1.340.252.851.471.752.41
 AL Najma - AL Jandal1.830.251.991.6522.13
 AL Najma - AL Jandal2.090.51.692.002.251.82
 AL Najma - AL Jandal1.
 AL Najma - AL Jandal2.390.751.482.552.751.42
 AL Najma - AL Jandal3.0811.293.2331.27
13:15 Ohud Medina - Al-Batin1.6002.301.351.253.04
 Ohud Medina - Al-Batin1.410.252.771.531.52.41
 Ohud Medina - Al-Batin1.980.251.831.701.752.11
 Ohud Medina - Al-Batin1.310.53.242.0121.81
 Ohud Medina - Al-Batin2.320.51.592.352.251.57
 Ohud Medina - Al-Batin2.790.751.402.672.51.44
 Ohud Medina - Al-Batin3.8811.233.242.751.31