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Tuesday 5 December 2023, UKT
England, EFL Trophy
19:00 Blackpool - Barnsley1.5402.491.562.252.36
 Blackpool - Barnsley1.400.252.871.782.52.08
 Blackpool - Barnsley1.850.252.031.992.751.90
 Blackpool - Barnsley2.070.51.782.3131.61
 Blackpool - Barnsley2.370.751.562.573.251.48
 Derby County - Fleetwood Town1.450.252.691.532.252.42
 Derby County - Fleetwood Town1.650.52.251.742.52.07
 Derby County - Fleetwood Town1.860.752.011.972.751.87
 Derby County - Fleetwood Town2.1111.742.2531.63
 Derby County - Fleetwood Town2.391.251.562.523.251.50
 Doncaster Rovers - Nottingham Forest U211.6402.261.512.52.48
 Doncaster Rovers - Nottingham Forest U211.970.251.921.632.752.26
 Doncaster Rovers - Nottingham Forest U211.490.252.581.8132.04
 Doncaster Rovers - Nottingham Forest U212.160.51.692.033.251.79
 Doncaster Rovers - Nottingham Forest U212.480.751.522.243.51.62
 Forest Green Rovers - Oxford United2.9001.401.552.252.39
 Forest Green Rovers - Oxford United2.280.251.631.762.52.07
 Forest Green Rovers - Oxford United1.980.51.911.972.751.86
 Forest Green Rovers - Oxford United1.730.752.112.2831.62
 Forest Green Rovers - Oxford United1.5112.522.553.251.49
 Milton Keynes Dons - Brighton U211.4702.471.482.52.42
 Milton Keynes Dons - Brighton U211.710.252.091.592.752.20
 Milton Keynes Dons - Brighton U211.980.51.891.8132.06
 Milton Keynes Dons - Brighton U212.160.751.632.033.251.79
 Milton Keynes Dons - Brighton U212.5711.432.173.51.58
 Wycombe Wanderers - Fulham U211.490.252.581.602.752.28
 Wycombe Wanderers - Fulham U211.680.52.201.7732.03
 Wycombe Wanderers - Fulham U211.890.751.982.033.251.81
 Wycombe Wanderers - Fulham U212.1211.722.243.51.64
 Wycombe Wanderers - Fulham U212.391.251.562.553.751.49
19:30 Bradford City - Liverpool U211.4102.831.602.752.27
 Bradford City - Liverpool U211.700.252.281.7832.04
 Bradford City - Liverpool U211.930.
 Bradford City - Liverpool U212.060.751.762.243.51.64
 Bradford City - Liverpool U212.4211.542.543.751.49
 Colchester United - West Ham United U211.820.252.021.7332.07
 Colchester United - West Ham United U212.050.51.751.993.251.83
 Peterborough United - Arsenal U211.4102.831.512.52.48
 Peterborough United - Arsenal U211.630.252.281.632.752.25
 Peterborough United - Arsenal U211.860.51.991.8232.05
 Peterborough United - Arsenal U212.060.751.762.043.251.79
 Peterborough United - Arsenal U212.4211.542.253.51.61
 Wrexham - Burton Albion1.8402.081.532.252.41
 Wrexham - Burton Albion2.120.251.781.752.52.07
 Wrexham - Burton Albion1.550.252.421.962.751.86
 Wrexham - Burton Albion2.380.51.582.2531.63
 Wrexham - Burton Albion2.800.751.422.513.251.50
19:45 Accrington Stanley - Lincoln City1.9501.931.512.252.33
 Accrington Stanley - Lincoln City2.220.251.591.722.52.07
 Accrington Stanley - Lincoln City1.660.252.161.972.751.86
 Accrington Stanley - Lincoln City2.520.51.452.2031.59
 Accrington Stanley - Lincoln City1.480.52.432.453.251.47
 Bolton Wanderers - Port Vale1.520.52.471.532.252.43
 Bolton Wanderers - Port Vale1.740.752.211.742.52.09
 Bolton Wanderers - Port Vale2.0211.931.962.751.88
 Bolton Wanderers - Port Vale2.191.251.682.2431.64
 Bolton Wanderers - Port Vale2.451.51.532.513.251.50
 Crawley Town - Bristol Rovers2.1101.761.512.252.33
 Crawley Town - Bristol Rovers1.830.252.031.712.52.07
 Crawley Town - Bristol Rovers2.450.251.491.962.751.86
 Crawley Town - Bristol Rovers1.600.52.262.2031.60
 Crawley Town - Bristol Rovers1.430.752.632.453.251.47
Wednesday 6 December 2023, UKT
19:00 Reading - Charlton Athletic1.6502.251.542.252.40
 Reading - Charlton Athletic1.480.252.591.752.52.08
 Reading - Charlton Athletic1.940.252.131.962.751.91
 Reading - Charlton Athletic2.200.51.842.2731.63
 Reading - Charlton Athletic2.550.751.492.533.251.49
 Wigan Athletic - Stockport County1.4302.571.522.252.32
 Wigan Athletic - Stockport County1.680.252.141.722.52.08
 Wigan Athletic - Stockport County1.980.51.911.972.751.91
 Wigan Athletic - Stockport County2.180.751.612.2131.59
 Wigan Athletic - Stockport County2.6411.412.463.251.46
Tuesday 19 December 2023, UKT
19:45 Portsmouth - AFC Wimbledon1.700.52.111.702.52.08
 Portsmouth - AFC Wimbledon1.920.751.891.882.751.90