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Saturday 19 October 2019, UKT
England England, Conference N/S
14:00 AFC Telford United - Guiseley2.040.251.831.992.751.88
 Alfreton Town - Farsley Celtic1.7302.00-0.513.00
 Alfreton Town - Farsley Celtic2.060.251.811.732.52.08
 Alfreton Town - Farsley Celtic---1.952.751.91
 Blyth Spartans - Chester3.4001.301.010.513.00
 Blyth Spartans - Chester1.940.751.921.221.54.00
 Blyth Spartans - Chester---1.652.52.20
 Blyth Spartans - Chester---1.882.751.98
 Blyth Spartans - Chester---2.633.51.44
 Blyth Spartans - Chester---4.504.51.17
 Blyth Spartans - Chester---8.505.51.05
 Blyth Spartans - Chester---
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town1.2503.75-0.517.00
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town1.830.752.
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---1.201.754.40
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---1.2423.90
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---1.402.252.85
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---1.552.52.38
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---1.682.752.15
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---1.9331.93
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---2.353.51.58
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---2.683.751.45
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---3.4541.30
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---3.704.251.26
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---5.004.751.17
 Concord Rangers - Hungerford Town---6.8051.11
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue1.2104.25---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue1.380.253.00---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue1.180.254.80---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue1.530.52.43---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue1.150.55.50---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue1.680.752.15---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue1.9411.96---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue2.151.251.68---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue2.381.51.55---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue2.851.751.40---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue3.5521.28---
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue3.902.251.24-0.515.00
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue4.
 Gloucester City - Bradford Park Avenue5.502.751.151.9331.97
 St Albans City - Bath City2.0401.87-0.512.00
 St Albans City - Bath City2.350.251.581.151.255.50
 St Albans City - Bath City1.690.
 St Albans City - Bath City2.680.51.451.281.753.55
 St Albans City - Bath City1.500.52.501.3523.10
 St Albans City - Bath City3.300.751.331.552.252.38
 St Albans City - Bath City1.380.753.001.752.52.05
 St Albans City - Bath City1.2413.902.002.751.84
 St Albans City - Bath City4.4011.202.2531.63
 St Albans City - Bath City1.201.254.402.503.251.50
 St Albans City - Bath City4.801.251.182.753.51.43
 St Albans City - Bath City1.181.54.803.453.751.30
 St Albans City - Bath City5.
 St Albans City - Bath City6.801.751.114.804.251.18
 St Albans City - Bath City1.121.756.255.504.51.15
 St Albans City - Bath City---6.604.751.11
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City2.0801.80---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City1.820.252.05---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City2.380.251.55---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City2.680.51.45---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City1.580.52.35---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City1.430.752.75---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City3.300.751.33---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City4.4011.20---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City1.2813.55---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City4.801.251.18---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City1.241.253.90---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City5.501.51.15---
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City1.211.54.25-0.513.00
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City7.001.751.101.652.52.20
 Tonbridge Angels - Chelmsford City1.141.755.751.852.752.01