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Tuesday 31 January 2023, UKT
England, Southern Premier League South
19:30 Hartley Wintney - Chesham United2.350.251.551.572.52.35
 Hartley Wintney - Chesham United2.040.51.751.582.752.30
 Hartley Wintney - Chesham United1.840.751.961.9332.05
 Hartley Wintney - Chesham United1.6112.271.993.251.82
 Hartley Wintney - Chesham United1.481.252.542.213.51.65
 Hartley Wintney - Chesham United---2.513.751.49
19:45 Plymouth Parkway - Beaconsfield Town1.4702.581.502.52.50
 Plymouth Parkway - Beaconsfield Town1.650.252.191.582.752.28
 Plymouth Parkway - Beaconsfield Town1.850.51.961.7632.04
 Plymouth Parkway - Beaconsfield Town2.050.751.742.003.251.81
 Plymouth Parkway - Beaconsfield Town2.4111.532.213.51.64
 Plymouth Parkway - Beaconsfield Town---2.493.751.50
 Salisbury FC - Gosport Borough1.5402.291.572.52.50
 Salisbury FC - Gosport Borough1.420.252.551.682.752.03
 Salisbury FC - Gosport Borough1.800.252.011.9631.88
 Salisbury FC - Gosport Borough1.950.51.742.143.251.61
 Salisbury FC - Gosport Borough2.210.751.562.363.51.49
Wednesday 1 February 2023, UKT
19:45 Yate Town - Hendon1.9501.851.622.52.25
 Yate Town - Hendon1.680.252.041.722.751.98
 Yate Town - Hendon2.130.251.622.0231.83
 Yate Town - Hendon2.350.51.502.223.251.57
 Yate Town - Hendon1.540.52.252.453.51.46