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Monday 16 December 2019, UKT
Indonesia Indonesia, League 3
08:15 Perseta Tulungagung - Bontang City1.2204.00-0.513.00
 Perseta Tulungagung - Bontang City1.9011.901.602.52.30
 Perseta Tulungagung - Bontang City---2.0031.80
 Persiba Bantul - Persinga Ngawi1.6202.20-0.512.00
 Persiba Bantul - Persinga Ngawi1.930.251.881.702.52.10
 Persiba Bantul - Persinga Ngawi---1.902.751.90
08:30 Gaspa 1958 - PSIL Lumajang5.0001.14-0.521.00
 Gaspa 1958 - PSIL Lumajang1.951.251.851.402.52.88
 Gaspa 1958 - PSIL Lumajang---1.853.251.95
 Karo United - Tornado FC1.8301.98-0.512.00
 Karo United - Tornado FC---1.702.52.10
 Karo United - Tornado FC---1.902.751.90
 KS Tiga Naga - Persikota Tangerang1.1006.50-0.517.00
 KS Tiga Naga - Persikota Tangerang2.001.51.801.532.52.40
 KS Tiga Naga - Persikota Tangerang---1.8531.95
 Perseden Denpasar - PS Matra1.3603.00-0.515.00
 Perseden Denpasar - PS Matra1.950.751.851.532.52.40
 Perseden Denpasar - PS Matra---1.8531.95
 Persedikab Kediri - Persiter Ternate1.3003.40-0.519.00
 Persedikab Kediri - Persiter Ternate1.800.752.001.402.52.88
 Persedikab Kediri - Persiter Ternate---1.853.251.95
 Persekat Kabupaten Tegal - Persibas Banyumas2.3801.53-0.513.00
 Persekat Kabupaten Tegal - Persibas Banyumas1.780.52.031.702.52.10
 Persekat Kabupaten Tegal - Persibas Banyumas---1.882.751.93
 Persidi Idi - PSBL Langsa1.6702.10-0.511.00
 Persidi Idi - PSBL Langsa2.000.251.801.802.52.00
 Persigo Semeru - PS Tarakan1.1006.50-0.523.00
 Persigo Semeru - PS Tarakan1.901.51.901.362.53.10
 Persigo Semeru - PS Tarakan---1.903.51.90
 PSID Jombang - Persemi Mimika1.9001.90-0.513.00
 PSID Jombang - Persemi Mimika---1.652.52.20
 PSID Jombang - Persemi Mimika---1.832.751.98
 PSKC Cimahi - Persitas Tasikmalaya1.3003.40-0.513.00
 PSKC Cimahi - Persitas Tasikmalaya1.880.751.931.652.52.20
 PSKC Cimahi - Persitas Tasikmalaya---1.832.751.98
 Sleman United - Protaba Bantul1.6702.10-0.512.00
 Sleman United - Protaba Bantul2.000.251.801.702.52.10
 Sleman United - Protaba Bantul---1.902.751.90