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Sunday 19 January 2020, UKT
International International, U23 Int Matches
02:30 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.9901.85---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.390.251.60---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.670.252.26---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.820.51.46---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.520.52.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.330.753.26---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U233.460.751.31---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.1412.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.8211.15---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.121.252.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.821.251.10---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.101.52.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.821.51.09---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U231.051.752.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.821.751.06---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.822----
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-22.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-2.252.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.822.25----
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.822.5----
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-2.52.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.822.75----
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-2.752.68---
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.823-
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-32.681.501.52.66
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-3.252.681.9221.91
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.823.25-2.542.51.53
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-3.52.684.903.51.18
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.823.5-
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-3.752.6823.005.51.01
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.823.75-4.906.5-
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U232.824-4.907.5-
 Colombia U23 - Argentina U23-42.684.908.5-
00:00 Ecuador U23 - Chile U231.9701.94---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U231.680.252.24---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.380.251.61---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U231.530.52.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.800.51.47---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U231.260.752.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.800.751.23---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.801----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-12.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.801.25----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-1.252.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.801.5----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-1.52.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.801.75----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-1.752.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.802----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-22.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-2.252.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.802.25----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-2.52.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.802.5----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.802.75----
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-2.752.64---
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-32.641.100.57.00
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.803-1.521.52.66
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-3.252.641.8721.95
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.803.25-2.542.51.51
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.803.5-
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-3.52.6411.004.51.05
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.803.75-
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-3.752.6411.006.5-
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U23-42.6411.007.5-
 Ecuador U23 - Chile U232.804-11.008.5-