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Saturday 18 September 2021, UKT
Australia, Brisbane Premier League
07:00 The Gap - Acacia Ridge2.6601.441.543.252.35
 The Gap - Acacia Ridge2.210.251.641.713.52.08
 The Gap - Acacia Ridge1.980.51.861.903.751.92
 The Gap - Acacia Ridge1.760.752.032.1241.68
 The Gap - Acacia Ridge1.5612.332.344.251.55
08:00 Western Spirit - Bayside United2.410.751.491.513.252.34
 Western Spirit - Bayside United2.1911.611.673.52.07
 Western Spirit - Bayside United1.951.251.831.843.751.92
 Western Spirit - Bayside United1.741.51.992.0441.69
 Western Spirit - Bayside United1.581.752.
09:00 Toowong - Brisbane Knights1.510.752.411.583.52.22
 Toowong - Brisbane Knights1.6312.201.723.752.03
 Toowong - Brisbane Knights1.811.251.931.9241.81
 Toowong - Brisbane Knights1.981.51.772.144.251.65
 Toowong - Brisbane Knights2.201.751.602.344.51.53
 UQ FC - St George Willawong FC2.300.751.551.513.252.39
 UQ FC - St George Willawong FC2.0711.711.673.52.11
 UQ FC - St George Willawong FC1.831.251.941.833.751.93
 UQ FC - St George Willawong FC1.661.52.142.0341.72
 UQ FC - St George Willawong FC1.521.752.392.244.251.57