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Friday 17 September 2021, UKT
Russia, Division 2
09:30 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.8601.99---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.570.252.45---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy2.110.251.65---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy2.420.51.53---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.450.52.82---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.310.753.43---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy2.990.751.37---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.1814.38---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy3.9811.21---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy4.161.251.18---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.151.254.36---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy4.491.51.15---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.131.54.68---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy6.311.751.10---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.091.756.69---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.0428.14---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.4021.05---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.042.258.14---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy8.092.251.05---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.042.58.14---
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.612.
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.612.751.021.311.53.55
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy1.022.758.141.4422.50
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.613-1.692.252.04
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy-
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy-
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.613.25-2.6031.41
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy-
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.613.5-5.804.51.07
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy-3.758.145.805.51.02
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.613.75-3.406.5-
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy7.614-5.807.5-
 Dynamo Barnaul - Spartak Tuimazy-48.145.808.5-
13:00 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.2004.29---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.340.252.93---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.170.255.00---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.500.52.35---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.150.55.70---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.070.756.48---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.580.752.23---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.8412.03---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-15.08---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-1.255.22---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass1.931.251.78---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-1.55.35---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.131.51.61---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-1.755.35---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.441.751.45---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-25.35---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.102----
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.102.25----
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-2.255.35---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-2.55.35---
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.102.5-1.070.511.00
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.102.75-
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-2.755.351.492.252.35
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-35.351.842.52.01
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.103-1.972.751.85
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-3.255.352.1231.62
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.103.25-2.353.251.49
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-3.55.351.843.51.30
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.103.5-5.804.51.07
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.103.75-5.805.51.03
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-3.755.352.986.5-
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass-45.355.707.5-
 Irtysh Omsk - Torpedo Miass2.104-5.808.5-
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol2.2901.64---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.900.251.97---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol2.710.251.46---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol3.130.51.36---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.610.52.28---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol4.130.751.24---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.440.752.76---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol6.7111.13---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.2713.76---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.231.254.29---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol7.621.251.11---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.201.51.10---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.191.54.84---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.131.756.64---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.281.751.06---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.07211.00---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.372----
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.062.2511.55---
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.372.25----
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.372.5----
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.062.512.
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol1.032.7512.111.381.53.05
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.372.75-1.371.752.75
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.373-1.5022.41
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol-312.111.922.251.98
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.373.25-
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol-3.2512.112.252.751.55
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol-3.512.
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.373.5-7.804.51.06
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.373.75-
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol-3.7512.114.006.5-
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol-412.117.607.5-
 Rotor Volgograd II - Dinamo Stavropol8.374-7.608.5-
Saturday 18 September 2021, UKT
05:00 Dynamo Vladivostok - Sakhalin Sakhalinsk1.451.252.361.452.52.34
 Dynamo Vladivostok - Sakhalin Sakhalinsk1.641.52.021.572.752.12
 Dynamo Vladivostok - Sakhalin Sakhalinsk1.841.751.851.7931.90
 Dynamo Vladivostok - Sakhalin Sakhalinsk2.0521.611.993.251.65
 Dynamo Vladivostok - Sakhalin Sakhalinsk2.282.251.482.213.51.51
06:00 Chita - Krasava Odintsovo2.0701.651.482.252.37
 Chita - Krasava Odintsovo2.370.251.481.672.52.03
 Chita - Krasava Odintsovo1.770.251.931.852.751.84
 Chita - Krasava Odintsovo1.580.52.182.1231.61
 Chita - Krasava Odintsovo1.420.752.532.373.251.48