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Sunday 27 September 2020, UKT
Russia, Division 2
14:00 Dinamo Stavropol - Biolog Novokubansk1.3303.25-0.512.00
 Dinamo Stavropol - Biolog Novokubansk1.520.252.501.482.252.58
 Dinamo Stavropol - Biolog Novokubansk1.890.52.111.702.52.17
 Dinamo Stavropol - Biolog Novokubansk2.090.751.861.902.751.93
 Dinamo Stavropol - Biolog Novokubansk2.3211.602.1631.68
 Dinamo Stavropol - Biolog Novokubansk2.681.251.452.463.251.52
 FC Fakel-m Voronezh - FC Metallurg Vidnoye2.000.51.801.602.52.30
 FC Fakel-m Voronezh - FC Metallurg Vidnoye---2.0031.80
 FC Forte Taganrog - Druzhba Maikop1.1704.50-0.510.00
 FC Forte Taganrog - Druzhba Maikop1.410.52.831.3922.87
 FC Forte Taganrog - Druzhba Maikop1.540.752.451.612.252.27
 FC Forte Taganrog - Druzhba Maikop1.7512.211.832.52.02
 FC Forte Taganrog - Druzhba Maikop2.091.251.822.072.751.91
 FC Forte Taganrog - Druzhba Maikop2.421.51.552.5031.51
 Inter Cherkessk - Krasnodar-31.6002.75-0.513.00
 Inter Cherkessk - Krasnodar-31.850.251.971.532.52.55
 Inter Cherkessk - Krasnodar-31.470.252.641.662.752.26
 Inter Cherkessk - Krasnodar-
 Inter Cherkessk - Krasnodar-32.400.751.602.103.251.71
 Inter Cherkessk - Krasnodar-3---2.363.51.56
 Saturn Ramenskoye - Avangard Kursk1.7302.21-0.511.00
 Saturn Ramenskoye - Avangard Kursk1.490.252.651.472.252.65
 Saturn Ramenskoye - Avangard Kursk2.050.251.961.752.52.21
 Saturn Ramenskoye - Avangard Kursk2.370.51.651.982.751.98
 Saturn Ramenskoye - Avangard Kursk2.820.751.442.1131.74
 Saturn Ramenskoye - Avangard Kursk---2.393.251.57
15:00 PFC Kuban - Kuban Holding1.6502.40-0.510.00
 PFC Kuban - Kuban Holding1.920.251.991.4122.84
 PFC Kuban - Kuban Holding1.430.252.791.662.252.24
 PFC Kuban - Kuban Holding2.110.51.741.902.51.94
 PFC Kuban - Kuban Holding2.490.751.532.132.751.71
 PFC Kuban - Kuban Holding---2.5831.49