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Thursday 30 November 2023, UKT
India, Premier League
14:30 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC1.270.253.28---
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC1.410.52.601.201.53.79
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC1.650.752.311.502.252.37
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC1.9312.021.782.52.09
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC2.141.251.732.002.751.88
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC2.251.51.552.1531.60
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC2.681.751.402.423.251.48
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC3.4921.252.673.51.39
 Bengaluru FC - Punjab FC3.882.251.204.714.51.13
Friday 1 December 2023, UKT
14:30 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.8202.10---
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.550.252.461.221.54.10
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC2.090.251.761.552.252.44
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.430.52.841.752.52.07
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC2.420.51.561.992.751.89
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC2.900.751.402.2431.64
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.300.753.492.533.251.51
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.1814.862.793.51.42
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC3.8411.
Saturday 2 December 2023, UKT
14:30 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan3.2901.33---
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan3.800.
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan2.450.251.551.3922.96
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan2.070.51.781.612.252.31
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan1.910.752.021.872.52.01
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan1.5612.432.082.751.77
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan1.441.252.812.4131.56
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan1.351.
 Hyderabad FC - ATK Mohun Bagan1.251.753.955.634.51.13
Sunday 3 December 2023, UKT
14:30 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters1.4003.05---
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters1.310.253.511.221.54.35
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters1.630.252.341.512.252.60
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters1.260.53.981.702.52.18
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters1.840.52.021.862.752.11
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters2.110.751.782.1531.77
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters2.5611.532.443.251.57
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters2.911.251.422.703.51.47
 FC Goa - Kerala Blasters3.271.51.354.934.51.18
Monday 4 December 2023, UKT
14:30 East Bengal - Northeast United FC1.4302.71---
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC1.650.
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC1.340.253.101.492.252.51
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC1.280.53.501.692.52.14
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC1.940.51.961.912.751.97
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC2.170.751.692.1231.68
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC2.6111.462.393.251.53
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC2.951.251.372.653.51.44
 East Bengal - Northeast United FC3.301.51.314.704.51.16