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Thursday 6 October 2022, UKT
India, Premier League
07:30 FC Deccan - Rebels FC2.420.51.481.492.52.40
 FC Deccan - Rebels FC2.200.751.611.612.752.18
 FC Deccan - Rebels FC1.9511.791.8031.94
 FC Deccan - Rebels FC1.711.
 FC Deccan - Rebels FC1.561.
09:30 Kodagu FC - Young Challengers1.541.52.261.472.52.45
 Kodagu FC - Young Challengers1.681.752.051.592.752.21
 Kodagu FC - Young Challengers1.8921.831.7831.96
 Kodagu FC - Young Challengers2.122.251.642.013.251.71
 Kodagu FC - Young Challengers2.332.51.512.233.51.56
Friday 7 October 2022, UKT
13:00 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal1.2104.511.151.255.50
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal1.
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal1.390.253.101.301.753.45
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal1.140.55.751.4023.00
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal1.570.52.451.612.252.35
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal1.740.752.201.832.52.02
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal2.0411.822.042.751.79
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal2.391.251.682.4231.58
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal2.741.51.532.683.251.45
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal3.331.751.403.053.51.38
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal4.5321.253.553.751.28
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal4.
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal4.502.51.195.504.251.15
 Kerala Blasters - East Bengal6.002.751.135.754.51.14
Sunday 9 October 2022, UKT
13:00 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC2.0301.80---
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC1.740.
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC2.360.251.591.532.252.47
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC2.680.51.471.732.52.09
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC1.580.52.391.912.751.89
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC3.250.751.342.1831.67
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC1.420.752.832.453.251.54
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC4.3811.212.703.51.45
 Hyderabad FC - Mumbai City FC1.2713.694.744.51.18
Monday 10 October 2022, UKT
13:00 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC1.290.253.55---
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC1.430.52.811.231.54.03
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC1.540.752.491.542.252.47
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC1.7012.151.732.52.09
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC1.981.251.851.932.751.88
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC2.241.51.652.2331.65
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC2.631.751.492.533.251.51
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC3.3421.322.813.51.42
 ATK Mohun Bagan - Chennaiyin FC3.732.
Tuesday 11 October 2022, UKT
13:00 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.240.253.78---
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.370.52.93---
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.470.752.611.181.54.35
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.6112.261.602.52.26
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC1.881.251.931.732.752.03
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC2.111.51.691.9831.83
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC2.451.751.522.193.251.63
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC3.0521.352.433.51.52
 Jamshedpur FC - Odisha FC3.412.