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Tuesday 28 January 2020, UKT
England England, Capital One Cup
19:45 Aston Villa - Leicester City3.6401.43---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City2.720.251.56---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City4.170.251.30---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City4.700.51.26---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City2.280.51.76---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.980.751.97---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City6.300.751.17---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City10.3311.09---
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.6912.381.040.521.00
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.541.252.671.111.256.60
 Aston Villa - Leicester City11.
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.441.
 Aston Villa - Leicester City11.851.51.081.2623.70
 Aston Villa - Leicester City17.361.751.051.432.252.75
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.321.753.591.612.52.41
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.2125.001.772.752.17
 Aston Villa - Leicester City25.9021.022.0331.89
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.182.255.542.293.251.68
 Aston Villa - Leicester City26.542.251.022.553.51.56
 Aston Villa - Leicester City27.
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.172.56.333.5541.28
 Aston Villa - Leicester City33.982.751.013.904.251.24
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.122.758.144.604.51.24
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.06313.475.504.751.15
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.063.2514.
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.063.514.7321.006.51.03
 Aston Villa - Leicester City1.033.7514.7350.007.51.01
 Aston Villa - Leicester City-414.73100.008.5-
Wednesday 29 January 2020, UKT
19:45 Manchester City - Manchester United1.1208.46---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.110.259.23---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.220.255.25---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.100.510.00---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.330.53.94---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.050.7510.00---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.380.753.45---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.4813.00---
 Manchester City - Manchester United-110.00---
 Manchester City - Manchester United-1.2510.00---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.741.252.28---
 Manchester City - Manchester United-1.510.00---
 Manchester City - Manchester United1.921.52.01---
 Manchester City - Manchester United2.171.751.79---
 Manchester City - Manchester United-1.7510.001.030.526.00
 Manchester City - Manchester United2.6721.551.171.56.12
 Manchester City - Manchester United-
 Manchester City - Manchester United-2.2510.001.2124.25
 Manchester City - Manchester United2.732.251.451.352.253.10
 Manchester City - Manchester United3.462.51.381.532.52.65
 Manchester City - Manchester United-2.510.001.632.752.36
 Manchester City - Manchester United3.792.751.281.8632.08
 Manchester City - Manchester United-2.7510.
 Manchester City - Manchester United-310.002.323.51.66
 Manchester City - Manchester United5.3631.182.683.751.50
 Manchester City - Manchester United-3.2510.003.1041.35
 Manchester City - Manchester United5.833.251.163.454.251.30
 Manchester City - Manchester United7.393.
 Manchester City - Manchester United-3.510.004.504.751.19
 Manchester City - Manchester United-3.7510.006.2551.12
 Manchester City - Manchester United8.523.751.096.605.251.11
 Manchester City - Manchester United-410.
 Manchester City - Manchester United8.5641.0515.006.51.03