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Sunday 27 November 2022, UKT
India, Manipur Championship
06:15 UKB FC - Khetri Iril Mapal Youth Club3.5001.29---
 UKB FC - Khetri Iril Mapal Youth Club2.290.51.491.422.252.47
 UKB FC - Khetri Iril Mapal Youth Club2.070.751.631.652.52.20
 UKB FC - Khetri Iril Mapal Youth Club1.8311.831.802.752.00
 UKB FC - Khetri Iril Mapal Youth Club1.621.252.071.9831.68
 UKB FC - Khetri Iril Mapal Youth Club1.491.52.302.213.251.53
08:35 Dimapur Road Athletic Organisation - Klasa1.3303.251.442.52.70
 Dimapur Road Athletic Organisation - Klasa1.450.252.341.462.752.30
 Dimapur Road Athletic Organisation - Klasa1.600.52.061.5832.09
 Dimapur Road Athletic Organisation - Klasa1.760.751.891.853.251.95
 Dimapur Road Athletic Organisation - Klasa1.9511.671.943.51.68
 Dimapur Road Athletic Organisation - Klasa2.161.251.532.153.751.53
Monday 28 November 2022, UKT
06:15 Sagolband United - Ganggam SC1.2004.331.532.52.40
08:35 Ssu Singjamei - RAU FC1.2503.751.602.52.30