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Friday 17 September 2021, UKT
Germany, Oberliga
16:30 Seligenporten - Ansbach2.221.51.611.603.252.24
 Seligenporten - Ansbach2.031.751.761.783.51.99
 Seligenporten - Ansbach1.8322.011.993.751.83
 Seligenporten - Ansbach1.652.252.212.2441.62
 Seligenporten - Ansbach1.522.52.422.464.251.50
17:00 Rot-Weiss Erfurt - Wacker Nordhausen1.491.752.581.603.52.28
 Rot-Weiss Erfurt - Wacker Nordhausen1.6122.331.743.752.08
 Rot-Weiss Erfurt - Wacker Nordhausen1.832.252.021.9641.85
 Rot-Weiss Erfurt - Wacker Nordhausen2.012.51.812.194.251.67
 Rot-Weiss Erfurt - Wacker Nordhausen2.242.751.632.414.51.54
17:30 Alemannia Waldalgesheim - TSV Emmelshausen1.481.252.541.4332.66
 Alemannia Waldalgesheim - TSV Emmelshausen1.651.52.211.623.252.23
 Alemannia Waldalgesheim - TSV Emmelshausen1.821.752.031.833.52.00
 Alemannia Waldalgesheim - TSV Emmelshausen2.0221.771.993.751.78
 Alemannia Waldalgesheim - TSV Emmelshausen2.252.251.602.2841.57
 Hamm United - VfL Lohbrugge2.0901.751.562.752.35
 Hamm United - VfL Lohbrugge2.390.251.561.7232.11
 Hamm United - VfL Lohbrugge1.810.252.041.953.251.87
 Hamm United - VfL Lohbrugge1.630.
 Hamm United - VfL Lohbrugge1.470.752.642.453.751.52
 HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst - Bramfelder SV1.4602.651.4732.58
 HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst - Bramfelder SV1.680.252.181.663.252.20
 HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst - Bramfelder SV1.910.51.931.853.51.97
 HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst - Bramfelder SV2.100.751.742.053.751.76
 HSV Barmbek-Uhlenhorst - Bramfelder SV2.3911.562.3641.56