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Tuesday 5 March 2024, UKT
Germany, Oberliga
17:30 DJK Gebenbach - VfB Eichstatt2.6401.411.452.52.50
 DJK Gebenbach - VfB Eichstatt2.990.251.331.552.752.26
 DJK Gebenbach - VfB Eichstatt2.160.251.631.7132.03
 DJK Gebenbach - VfB Eichstatt1.930.51.871.983.251.83
 DJK Gebenbach - VfB Eichstatt1.690.752.
 DJK Gebenbach - VfB Eichstatt1.4912.412.423.751.49
 DJK Gebenbach - VfB Eichstatt1.401.252.702.9141.34
 TSV Neudrossenfeld - SV Donaustauf1.3602.991.342.253.06
 TSV Neudrossenfeld - SV Donaustauf1.550.252.351.492.52.51
 TSV Neudrossenfeld - SV Donaustauf1.760.52.031.612.752.27
 TSV Neudrossenfeld - SV Donaustauf1.980.751.901.7932.03
 TSV Neudrossenfeld - SV Donaustauf2.3111.592.013.251.78
 TSV Neudrossenfeld - SV Donaustauf2.591.251.462.223.51.61
 TSV Neudrossenfeld - SV Donaustauf2.891.51.382.553.751.47
18:00 1. SC Feucht - FC Coburg2.8501.341.392.52.66
 1. SC Feucht - FC Coburg2.290.251.521.472.752.41
 1. SC Feucht - FC Coburg2.000.51.711.6032.17
 1. SC Feucht - FC Coburg1.850.751.951.853.251.95
 1. SC Feucht - FC Coburg1.6012.
 1. SC Feucht - FC Coburg1.471.252.422.233.751.55
 1. SC Feucht - FC Coburg1.391.52.672.6441.40