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Thursday 29 February 2024, UKT
Qatar, Stars League
15:00 Al Shamal - Muaither SC1.9301.97---
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC2.260.251.69---
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC1.680.
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC1.520.52.551.592.52.34
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC2.600.51.501.722.752.16
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC3.120.751.361.9431.90
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC1.370.753.
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC4.1711.232.423.51.56
 Al Shamal - Muaither SC1.2414.
17:00 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal1.5902.36---
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal1.850.252.06---
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal1.460.252.731.161.54.98
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal1.370.53.071.562.52.42
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal2.090.51.801.692.752.17
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal1.260.753.801.9231.93
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal2.440.751.612.173.251.71
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal3.0511.372.363.51.58
 Al Ahli Doha - Umm Salal3.441.251.313.954.51.24
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya1.360.53.11---
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya1.430.752.781.141.55.38
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya1.5512.451.482.52.60
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya1.801.252.061.582.752.35
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya2.041.51.831.7532.09
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya2.281.751.642.013.251.83
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya2.7921.442.213.51.66
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya3.122.251.362.543.751.51
 Al Wakrah - Al Markhiya3.472.51.303.734.51.26
Friday 1 March 2024, UKT
15:00 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa1.6402.341.101.56.71
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa1.480.252.661.352.53.09
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa1.860.252.001.5232.52
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa1.390.52.961.713.252.16
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa2.220.51.791.913.51.93
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa2.330.751.612.133.751.72
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa1.280.753.602.4541.54
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa2.8011.432.964.51.38
 Al Duhail - Al Gharafa3.131.251.365.135.51.16
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC1.330.753.
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC1.4012.871.352.53.07
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC1.591.252.341.5232.49
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC1.781.52.081.713.252.16
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC1.991.751.881.913.51.93
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC2.3121.652.133.751.73
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC2.622.251.482.5041.52
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC2.902.51.403.034.51.36
 Al-Sadd - Qatar SC3.502.751.
17:00 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan2.0601.80---
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan1.830.252.08---
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan2.350.251.601.161.54.95
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan1.630.52.371.562.52.41
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan2.680.51.471.682.752.20
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan3.230.751.341.8832.02
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan1.430.752.802.133.251.72
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan1.2813.632.363.51.58
 Al Arabi Doha - Al Rayyan4.3311.213.964.51.24