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Tuesday 27 February 2024, UKT
International, UEFA Youth League
15:00 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U191.9102.04-0.512.69
 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U192.080.251.751.402.252.80
 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U191.620.252.341.572.52.32
 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U191.450.52.631.712.752.14
 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U192.300.51.571.9331.91
 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U191.330.753.
 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U192.700.751.432.393.51.54
 AZ Alkmaar U19 - Porto U19---2.773.751.41
15:30 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U192.4501.54-0.515.89
 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U192.680.251.431.472.52.55
 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U192.140.251.751.582.752.29
 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U191.900.51.961.7832.07
 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U191.690.752.
 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U191.4512.642.233.51.64
 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U191.371.252.952.543.751.48
 MSK Zilina U19 - FC Copenhagen U19---3.1041.34
17:00 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U192.2501.75-0.512.34
 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U191.880.252.031.432.252.69
 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U192.590.251.461.612.52.24
 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U191.670.52.251.772.752.06
 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U192.940.51.372.0331.81
 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U191.490.752.502.253.251.62
 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U191.3313.142.483.51.50
 FSV Mainz 05 U19 - Manchester City U19---2.913.751.38