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Wednesday 17 July 2019, UKT
Finland Finland, Kolmonen
15:30 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu2.520.251.501.010.54.20
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu2.180.51.661.021.54.20
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu1.970.751.821.172.54.20
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu1.7512.051.543.52.46
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu1.591.252.301.613.752.27
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu---1.7842.02
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu---
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu---
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu---2.514.751.50
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu---3.555.51.24
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu---3.556.5-
 HaPK - FC Peltirumpu---3.558.5-
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II2.201.251.651.010.58.00
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II1.981.51.811.021.58.00
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II1.811.751.991.042.53.70
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II1.6322.
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II---1.644.52.26
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II---1.744.752.06
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II---1.9351.88
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II---
 PP-70 - TPV Tampere II---2.325.51.58
 Simpeleen Urheilijat (SiU) - Edustus IPS2.6011.471.583.752.32
 Simpeleen Urheilijat (SiU) - Edustus IPS2.201.251.651.7442.07
 Simpeleen Urheilijat (SiU) - Edustus IPS1.961.51.831.954.251.84
 Simpeleen Urheilijat (SiU) - Edustus IPS1.761.752.
 Simpeleen Urheilijat (SiU) - Edustus IPS1.5622.372.444.751.53
 SiU - Edustus IPS5.1001.
 SiU - Edustus IPS---
 SiU - Edustus IPS---
 SiU - Edustus IPS---1.563.52.40
 SiU - Edustus IPS---
 SiU - Edustus IPS---3.605.51.23
 SiU - Edustus IPS---3.606.5-
 SiU - Edustus IPS---3.607.5-
 SiU - Edustus IPS---3.608.5-