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Thursday 24 June 2021, UKT
Finland, Kolmonen (amateur)
15:30 TPS II - Peimari United1.3902.28---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.310.252.63---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.600.251.95---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.260.52.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.810.51.75---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.130.752.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.810.751.37---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.811----
 TPS II - Peimari United-12.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.811.25----
 TPS II - Peimari United-1.252.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.811.5----
 TPS II - Peimari United-1.52.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United-1.752.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.811.75----
 TPS II - Peimari United-22.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.812----
 TPS II - Peimari United-2.252.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.812.25----
 TPS II - Peimari United1.812.5----
 TPS II - Peimari United-2.52.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.812.75----
 TPS II - Peimari United-2.752.98---
 TPS II - Peimari United1.813----
 TPS II - Peimari United-32.981.010.521.00
 TPS II - Peimari United1.813.25-
 TPS II - Peimari United-3.252.981.342.51.43
 TPS II - Peimari United-3.52.981.343.51.43
 TPS II - Peimari United1.813.5-2.864.51.43
 TPS II - Peimari United1.813.75-4.405.51.13
 TPS II - Peimari United-3.752.984.406.51.01
 TPS II - Peimari United-42.984.407.5-
 TPS II - Peimari United1.814-4.408.5-
16:00 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.1704.50---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-0.251.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.220.25----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-0.51.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.430.5----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-0.751.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.430.75----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-11.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.431----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-1.251.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.431.25----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.431.5----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-1.51.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.431.75----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-1.751.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-21.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.432----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.432.25----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-2.251.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-2.51.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.432.5----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.432.75----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-2.751.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-31.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.433----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-3.251.01---
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.433.25----
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.433.5-1.010.534.00
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.433.75-
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-3.751.
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua1.434-
 Norrvalla FF - Virkia Lapua-41.01-5.51.03