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Friday 20 September 2019, UKT
China China, Super League
11:35 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning2.6801.541.030.517.00
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning3.100.251.351.101.257.00
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning2.100.251.801.171.55.09
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning3.550.51.341.201.754.40
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.900.52.051.2423.90
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning4.400.751.201.402.252.85
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.650.752.391.602.52.38
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning6.4011.121.752.752.11
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.4513.021.9931.94
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.381.
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning7.
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning7.
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.331.53.863.4541.30
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.221.754.153.804.251.25
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.1325.904.654.51.22
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.122.256.405.254.751.16
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning1.112.56.807.0051.10
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning---
 Chongqing Lifan - Jiangsu Suning---
Saturday 21 September 2019, UKT
07:30 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC1.2004.331.030.515.00
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC1.350.
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC1.180.254.801.201.54.74
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC1.150.56.951.251.753.80
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC1.500.52.641.3023.45
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC1.640.752.321.482.252.60
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC1.8712.011.652.52.34
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC2.171.251.751.852.752.08
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC2.481.51.562.0931.83
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC2.751.751.432.383.251.63
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC3.5521.282.633.51.51
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC4.
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC4.402.51.224.0041.23
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC5.752.751.144.404.251.20
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC---
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC---6.004.751.13
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC---
 Dalian Yifang - Shenzhen FC---
11:35 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.5102.631.030.515.00
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.780.
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.380.
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.330.53.451.241.753.90
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda2.030.51.851.3023.45
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda2.320.751.641.482.252.70
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.220.754.151.662.52.25
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda2.9211.431.862.752.02
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.1216.252.1131.77
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.111.256.602.383.251.59
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda3.101.251.352.673.51.48
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda3.741.
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda4.401.751.204.0041.23
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda6.4021.124.404.251.20
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda7.
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda---6.004.751.13
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda---
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda---
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.2304.001.020.519.00
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.200.254.401.141.55.66
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.380.
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.580.52.441.2124.25
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.170.55.471.352.253.10
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.730.752.161.512.52.60
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.110.756.601.622.752.33
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua1.9711.941.8032.06
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua2.241.251.702.063.251.81
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua2.521.51.552.283.51.65
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua2.851.751.402.673.751.48
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua3.7021.263.1041.35
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua4.
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua4.762.
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua5.752.751.144.654.751.18
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua---6.4051.12
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua---
 Shandong Luneng - Shanghai Shenhua---
Sunday 22 September 2019, UKT
09:30 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan5.5001.141.040.513.00
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan2.750.51.471.121.256.25
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan6.410.
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan2.440.751.581.241.753.90
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan2.1411.811.3023.45
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan1.851.252.031.482.252.60
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan1.671.52.251.652.52.38
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan1.501.752.661.832.752.13
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan1.
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---2.353.251.67
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---2.603.51.54
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---3.103.751.35
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---3.9041.24
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---4.774.51.19
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---5.904.751.13
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---
 Tianjin Quanjian - Beijing Guoan---
11:35 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye1.0709.001.030.517.00
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye1.140.255.751.111.256.80
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye1.
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye1.260.753.701.211.754.25
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye1.4013.101.2523.80
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye1.621.252.351.402.252.85
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye1.851.52.011.582.52.41
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye2.091.751.791.722.752.20
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye2.5021.581.9631.98
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye2.682.251.452.233.251.74
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye3.192.51.382.503.51.54
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye3.552.751.282.753.751.43
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye4.6531.183.4541.30
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye5.
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye6.343.51.154.504.51.22
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye---5.254.751.16
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye---7.0051.10
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye---
 Shanghai SIPG - Henan Jianye---
12:00 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall1.06010.001.030.517.00
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall1.150.255.501.171.55.92
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall1.290.53.801.191.754.50
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall1.300.753.451.2324.10
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall1.4412.861.382.253.00
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall1.651.252.291.502.52.72
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall1.881.51.991.632.752.43
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall2.111.751.791.8332.13
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall2.5021.562.073.251.85
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall2.682.251.452.253.51.67
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall3.152.51.382.603.751.51
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall3.552.751.283.3041.33
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall4.6531.183.454.251.30
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall5.
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall6.353.51.154.654.751.18
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall---6.4051.12
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall---
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Wuhan Zall---