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Friday 22 November 2019, UKT
China China, Super League
11:35 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.6202.361.040.513.00
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.920.251.951.131.255.90
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.460.252.771.231.54.18
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.370.
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai2.190.51.721.3323.30
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.240.753.901.562.252.47
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai2.570.751.531.762.52.10
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.1415.751.982.751.94
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai3.3011.332.3231.68
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai3.551.251.282.653.251.53
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai4.
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai1.111.57.364.2541.21
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai5.251.751.164.504.251.19
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai---
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai---6.404.751.12
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai---
 Henan Jianye - Tianjin Tianhai---
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan1.2004.401.030.517.00
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan1.350.
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan1.
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan1.150.55.751.2124.25
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan1.510.52.641.352.253.10
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan1.630.752.351.502.52.62
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan1.8912.051.632.752.33
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan2.081.251.801.8132.04
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan2.351.51.632.113.251.81
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan2.751.751.432.323.51.63
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan3.4521.302.603.751.48
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan3.802.251.253.1041.35
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan4.482.51.223.454.251.30
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan5.502.751.
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan---4.654.751.18
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan---6.4051.12
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan---6.805.251.11
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan---
 Shandong Luneng - Chongqing Lifan---
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan3.5501.281.030.517.00
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan4.
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan2.680.251.451.181.55.18
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan4.940.
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan2.340.51.631.2623.70
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan2.080.751.801.432.252.75
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan5.900.751.131.602.52.40
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.8112.051.732.752.14
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.621.252.352.0031.88
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.501.52.642.233.251.67
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.351.753.102.513.51.54
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.2324.102.853.751.40
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.192.254.503.5541.28
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan1.122.756.404.634.51.21
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan---5.504.751.15
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan---
 Shanghai Shenhua - Beijing Guoan---
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.4802.601.020.521.00
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.380.
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.750.
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.300.53.451.1725.00
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.980.51.881.302.253.45
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.220.754.151.432.52.75
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F2.150.751.681.532.752.43
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F2.6011.481.6532.20
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.1315.901.913.252.03
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F2.851.251.402.113.51.75
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F3.301.51.332.7541.43
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F1.111.56.803.104.251.35
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F3.901.751.243.454.51.30
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F5.7521.144.104.751.23
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F5.902.251.135.5051.15
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F6.402.51.125.755.251.14
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F---
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F---
 Wuhan Zall - Guangzhou R&F---
Saturday 23 November 2019, UKT
07:30 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning5.2501.161.030.515.00
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning5.900.
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning3.450.251.301.171.55.37
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning6.400.
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning2.750.51.531.2423.90
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning2.380.751.661.402.252.85
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning2.1011.861.552.52.55
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning1.831.252.131.682.752.27
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning1.631.52.391.9032.00
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning1.481.752.602.103.251.76
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning1.3323.302.353.51.61
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning1.282.253.552.753.751.43
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning1.242.54.323.4541.30
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning1.162.755.253.704.251.26
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning---4.424.51.23
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning---5.254.751.16
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning---7.0051.10
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning---
 Beijing Renhe - Jiangsu Suning---
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune1.3003.451.030.515.00
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune1.560.252.501.111.256.60
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune1.
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune1.220.54.501.211.754.25
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune1.780.52.101.2623.70
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune2.010.751.901.432.252.75
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune1.130.756.001.632.52.39
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune2.3911.651.782.752.13
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune2.751.251.502.0131.87
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune3.101.51.432.253.251.66
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune3.451.751.302.523.51.53
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune4.5021.192.853.751.40
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune5.
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune6.402.
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune7.002.751.104.884.51.20
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune---5.754.751.14
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune---
 Dalian Yifang - Hebei China Fortune---
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.6702.351.040.513.00
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.990.251.961.141.255.75
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.490.252.751.231.54.24
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.390.
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC2.290.51.711.3323.30
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC2.710.751.501.542.252.51
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.240.753.901.742.52.12
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.1415.751.962.751.91
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC3.3011.332.3231.65
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC3.551.251.282.663.251.53
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC1.111.56.603.303.751.33
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC4.421.51.234.2541.21
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC5.251.751.164.654.251.18
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC---
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC---
 Tianjin Teda - Shenzhen FC---
11:35 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG1.4602.791.030.515.00
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG1.710.
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG1.330.253.301.171.55.06
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG1.970.51.931.211.754.25
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG1.290.53.701.2523.80
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG2.240.751.711.432.252.75
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG1.190.754.501.622.52.35
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG2.7211.481.782.752.08
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG1.1116.802.0231.89
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG2.851.251.402.303.251.68
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG3.441.51.332.583.51.53
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG4.001.751.232.753.751.43
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG5.7521.143.5541.28
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG6.
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG6.602.51.114.894.51.20
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG---5.504.751.15
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG---
 Guangzhou Evergrande - Shanghai SIPG---