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Saturday 15 August 2020, UKT
China, Super League
10:00 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.2604.57---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.220.255.28---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.460.253.08---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.190.56.00---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.660.52.47---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.830.752.14---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.120.758.28---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC2.1411.84---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.06113.89---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.051.2514.68---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC2.481.251.62---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.051.515.47---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC2.821.51.48---
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC1.021.7515.471.050.517.50
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC3.371.751.351.141.255.75
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-215.471.251.54.50
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC4.6621.221.281.753.55
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC5.
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-2.2515.471.592.252.51
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-2.515.471.792.52.13
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC5.732.
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-2.7515.472.3031.73
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC7.722.751.122.613.251.51
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC12.2831.062.963.51.47
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-315.473.453.751.30
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-3.2515.474.4041.20
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC12.803.251.064.804.251.18
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC13.
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-3.515.476.804.751.11
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-3.7515.4713.005.51.06
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC13.263.751.0332.006.51.01
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC13.264-
 Shandong Luneng - Shenzhen FC-415.47220.008.5-
12:00 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.6302.50---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.490.252.90---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.890.252.07---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F2.160.51.83---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.400.53.30---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F2.480.751.63---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.290.754.15---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.1715.99---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F3.0611.42---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.151.256.53---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F3.451.251.34---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.131.57.13---
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F3.861.
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F4.911.751.
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.091.759.731.171.55.44
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.0527.091.191.754.50
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F7.0921.131.2324.00
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F7.662.251.121.582.52.62
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F8.
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F8.142.751.
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F1.022.757.092.443.51.65
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F-37.092.683.751.45
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F8.113-3.4541.30
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F-
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F8.113.25-4.364.51.25
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F-
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F8.113.5-6.8051.11
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F-3.757.098.805.51.09
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F8.113.75-
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F8.114-
 Dalian Pro - Guangzhou R&F-47.0919.008.5-
Sunday 16 August 2020, UKT
10:00 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan8.4001.11---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan4.750.251.23---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan9.290.251.09---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan10.180.51.08---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan3.500.51.36---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan15.280.751.05---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan3.040.751.42---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan2.6111.52---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan23.8211.02---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.091.251.02---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan2.121.251.78---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.821.51.02---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.891.52.00---
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.671.752.271.040.518.00
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.821.751.
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.822-
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.4622.771.221.754.15
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.382.253.111.2623.70
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.822.25-1.432.252.75
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.322.53.481.642.52.35
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.822.5-1.792.752.08
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.822.75-2.0431.87
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.232.754.362.323.251.66
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.823-2.593.51.54
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.1536.252.853.751.40
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.143.256.823.5541.28
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.823.25-
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.823.5-5.504.751.15
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.093.759.339.005.51.07
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.823.75-
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan1.0547.329.007.51.01
 Qingdao Huanghai - Beijing Guoan24.824-9.008.5-
12:00 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.1506.79---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.130.257.59---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.280.254.21---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.110.58.40---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.410.53.25---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.480.752.85---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.070.7511.27---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.6612.44---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.03117.81---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.031.2518.45---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.881.252.00---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.031.519.09---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright2.131.51.75---
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright1.011.7519.091.030.526.00
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright2.451.751.581.161.55.60
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright2.8521.401.191.754.50
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-219.091.2324.10
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-2.2519.091.382.253.00
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright3.302.251.331.532.52.64
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-2.519.091.652.752.33
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright3.702.51.291.8532.04
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright4.482.751.
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-2.7519.092.333.51.62
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-319.092.683.751.45
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright6.3431.133.3041.33
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright6.863.251.123.554.251.28
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-3.2519.
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-3.519.094.804.751.18
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright7.
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-3.7519.
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright9.693.751.0717.006.51.03
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright9.3341.047.807.51.01
 Shanghai SIPG - Shijiazhuang Ever Bright-419.097.808.5-
Monday 17 August 2020, UKT
10:00 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan2.0501.821.050.511.00
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan1.750.
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan2.410.251.601.261.53.87
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan2.770.51.461.331.753.30
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan1.570.52.451.4022.97
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan1.400.752.851.642.252.31
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan3.450.751.301.882.51.99
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan4.6511.182.122.751.76
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan1.2413.902.4831.55
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan5.
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan1.201.254.403.133.51.37
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan1.
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan5.771.51.155.2541.16
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan1.121.756.405.754.251.14
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan---
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan---
 Wuhan Zall - Chongqing Lifan---
12:00 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.4402.851.030.515.00
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.330.253.301.131.255.90
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.700.
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.960.51.961.261.753.70
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.280.53.821.3323.30
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.180.754.651.552.252.50
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda2.260.751.731.772.52.16
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda1.1017.001.982.751.97
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda2.8211.482.3031.72
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda3.001.251.382.623.251.55
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda3.631.51.332.923.51.45
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda4.101.751.233.303.751.33
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda5.9021.134.1541.22
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda6.402.251.124.504.251.19
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda6.802.51.115.594.51.17
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda---6.254.751.12
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda---
 Hebei China Fortune - Tianjin Teda---