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Thursday 23 March 2023, UKT
Argentina, Reserve Leage
13:00 Los Andes Reserves - Talleres Remedios Reserves1.6202.211.492.252.47
 Los Andes Reserves - Talleres Remedios Reserves1.450.252.571.682.52.11
 Los Andes Reserves - Talleres Remedios Reserves1.930.251.851.862.751.91
 Los Andes Reserves - Talleres Remedios Reserves2.200.51.632.1231.68
 Los Andes Reserves - Talleres Remedios Reserves2.550.751.462.363.251.53
 Villa San Carlos Reserves - Fenix Reserves1.480.252.491.452.252.57
 Villa San Carlos Reserves - Fenix Reserves1.670.52.131.642.52.18
 Villa San Carlos Reserves - Fenix Reserves1.860.751.911.812.751.97
 Villa San Carlos Reserves - Fenix Reserves2.1511.652.0431.72
 Villa San Carlos Reserves - Fenix Reserves2.431.251.502.293.251.56
16:00 Argentino Quilmes Reserves - Acassuso Reserves2.1201.631.4022.61
 Argentino Quilmes Reserves - Acassuso Reserves1.820.251.961.632.252.12
 Argentino Quilmes Reserves - Acassuso Reserves2.460.251.451.882.51.89
 Argentino Quilmes Reserves - Acassuso Reserves1.590.
 Argentino Quilmes Reserves - Acassuso Reserves1.420.752.562.4431.46
 CA Ituzaingo Reserves - Canuelas FC Reserves1.8501.931.4122.69
 CA Ituzaingo Reserves - Canuelas FC Reserves2.170.251.651.652.252.15
 CA Ituzaingo Reserves - Canuelas FC Reserves1.600.252.261.902.51.87
 CA Ituzaingo Reserves - Canuelas FC Reserves1.450.52.572.132.751.67
 CA Ituzaingo Reserves - Canuelas FC Reserves2.470.51.492.5231.47